Monday, 7 May 2012

NSD (weekend) paper scrapping!

Well, it was (inter)National Scrapbooking Day, so it would have been rude not to scrap, wouldn't it? I have been painting, gardening, doing housework chores and paper scrapping all weekend and as it was a long one, I fitted in quite a bit. I did four layouts, but I can only show three because the fourth was for the chinese whispers CJ I am involved in. Although, I can show you last month's which I did last weekend!

So, first up is last month's CJ layout which looks like this. It's hubby looking out at the Grand Canyon!

That magnifying glass is the stamp I got with my March ScrapaGoGo kit and I love it! The whole layout uses that kit, except the 'note this' stamp which is from a past ScrapaGoGo kit.

And next up is a layout I have meant to do for a while now - it's from our Royal Wedding BBQ last April - it's only taken a year to do! We are planning another for the Queen's Jubilee next month, so I wanted to get this one done before that happens. Unfortunately, I am not in the photo, but I have learned how to use my timer now and am determined to get a photo of everyone this time around. I used various bits of stash for this one and it all came together pretty well - even my handmade windmill!

I also scrapped another older photo. I have digi scrapped this one before, but I wanted to paper scrap it for the album too. I have to admit to cheating a little. The scarf I wore was a different shade of green to how it looks in the photo. This new green matches the Dear Lizzy range I got in my Scarlett Lime kit much better I think!

And finally, I scrapped some photos of a walk at the local disused quarry. One of the few photos of me and hubby and a great action shot of Pompey! It was a lovely day and we had the quarry pretty much to ourselves which was fantastic! I used another Scarlett Lime kit for this one - love the washi tape and the butterflies!

So, that's all, except to congratulate myself for blogging again so soon!! lol! I'll be back with more photos of the house or layouts whichever are ready first! TTFN.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Our lovely new home....

Well, I promised some photos of our new home and today I am finally posting some :-). So we moved here in August last year and hubby has been really busy renovating. Lots of what he's done can't be seen, but was important. There were bricks to repair on the outside, a new central heating system with all new pipes and radiators, pretty much half the house has been re-wired, the loft insulated and partially boarded and many other remedial repairs along the way. But now the noticeable work is starting to take shape. My craft room/office was finished fist and looks like this:

I chose a theme of green/white/grey and I think it works well. Got to love those Expedit shelves from Ikea - they are just perfect for the job! And check out my lovely big desk, although I must say, I use all the space and could do with a bit more!! lol!

Next was the outside of the house, it was pretty grey and dull where it was rendered and never painted, so we opted for a nice oatmeal colour and prettied it up some. Check out the before and after:

You'll see we also painted the shed - I think a nicer look all round there :-) Goodbye grey!

The next room to be finished was our bedroom and I was really pleased that hubby allowed me to go with Cath Kidston bedding. I think it's very fitting for a country cottage and was worried he'd think it too girly, but I think the blue saved the day for him!

And we are now just finished with the guest bedroom. I wanted to make something special out of a cupboard in the corner which bizarrely had a window in it. So, after consulting my favourite site, Pinterest, I decided on a reading nook - I love how it turned out!

And that's where we are now. Hubby is working on the living room next and I am working on colour schemes! I think we work well together - he can turn his hand to anything practical and I can bring it all together with some colour!

That's all for today - I hope you enjoyed a little tour of our home. One day I will be a good blogger again, but until then, TTFN!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Still alive!

Hey everyone - if anyone is still out there as I am such a bad blogger! I thought I'd stop by and show you some of my paper scrapping I've been doing lately and also tell you about our house renovation.

The house is coming along well, my craft room/office is completely done as is our bedroom. We've moved on to the guest bedroom now and are hoping to have that done in a few weeks. Hubby has been working so hard and he has mostly painted the top of the outside of the house where we had horrible dirty grey render. It's now a lovely cream colour and looks much more like a country cottage :) I will show some photos next time, I promise.

So, here are my layouts - the first is a challenge layout for the GoGoGetaway that I am going to in a couple of weeks.

And these three are chinese whispers layouts that I've done so far this year.

Sorry it took me so long since my last post - I will try to do better next time! TTFN.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Thank you so much!

Wow - you are all so sweet - all the comments and emails I've had have been so lovely. I don't know what to say! That's a first my hubby would say :-)

I know lots of you have said that you hope I come back soon, but I have to tell you, I can't really see that happening in the near future. Our house renovation is going to take at least 2 years and that will keep me busy. Plus, now we are in the country, I feel compelled to be outside a lot more than before - either walking or just sitting in the garden watching the birds or reading my kindle and taking it easy (and yes, maybe a glass of wine may be involved)!

I want to say thank you again to everyone who has supported me over the years. I also want to remind you that there are still some freebies available on my blog for you to collect - please do get those over the following couple of weeks, because I intend to disable them all once I retire.

I'll just leave you with a photo of a goldfinch from my garden recently and a photo of my new house to show you what I'll be doing while I am not designing :-) Actually, the house is the original photo - it has changed a little since this was taken. I will post some updated photos soon. TTFN.

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Oh my gosh, it's been so long since I blogged that I don't even recognise the back end of blogger for writing posts!!

Well, this post is a sad one for me - I am retiring from designing. I have so much going on in my life right now that it's impossible for me to find the time for designing kits. So, I made the decision to retire for good. At the end of this month, my store at My Memories will close for good and none of my kits will ever be available again.... :(  The good news is that all my kits are just $1 for the entire month - I'm going out with a bang! Please go take a look and pick up any that you want for your collection before the end of the month.

All there is to say is goodbye digi world - I'll miss you. Over the following month, I will post some layouts made with my kits to remind you what's available. After February, I may post life updates from time to time, but no more digi.....

Thanks for all your support over the years - you are all fantastic!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Just a few layouts...

Well, I had hoped to be telling you of our house move by now and showing you some photos of the renovations, however nothing ever goes quite as smoothly as that in England when it comes to house buying! We had to let our first buyer go as it became apparent that she did not have the money to buy our house, so we had to find another buyer, which luckily we did within a week. We are now hoping to move in about 3 weeks time, so news to come at a later date :)

Today, I wanted to show you some paper scrapping that I've been doing. As you know, I am taking a break from digi, but I am determined to use up the paper kits that I have been collecting! I subscribe to two kit clubs, the first is ScrapaGoGo and the other is Scarlet Lime. I love both of them - ScrapaGoGo because it's a perfect package of coordinating goodies and Scarlet Lime because it's really varied and contains items that I probably wouldn't have bought myself and I can get to try new things out!

I have been on a layout making mission recently since I unpacked a small amount of craft stuff that was already packed so that I could keep my sanity during this stressful move! Unfortunately, I can't remember which box my inks are in, so all my layouts are ink free!! This first layout is my Chinese Whispers layout for July with ScrapaGoGo using the June kit - great kit for Vegas layouts!

And another Vegas layout, this one uses the June kit too - it's based on a sketch by my gorgeous friend Kirsty which I love!

This layout is of the Grand Canyon - so HUGE and I thought it would be great to get in the tape measure paper to highlight size - works well I think! This uses a Scarlet Lime kit.

These next two layouts I made using the ScrapaGoGo July kit. It was perfect for our work boat trip on the canal.

And the paper with the big wheel was perfect for a photo of my 'niece' on a swing!

These last three are from the most recent Scarlet Lime kits which I really adore. I subscribe to both kits - the main and the add on kit.

I used a Paint The Moon action on the photos in this one called 'Awesome Sauce' - if you haven't checked out PTM actions, make sure you do - they are 'awesome'!!

And I adore these photos of my friend's little boy - they work so well together - it looks like he's looking down on himself! I even added a little bit of paint to this one as the paint was in with my pens and tools for some reason - I only have blue there though, so a bit limited! :)

OK, so that's it - I hope you didn't get too bored! I will be back soon, hopefully with good news on a moving date! TTFN.