Sunday, 17 February 2008

Flowers for "Lily" from Australia

Hi everyone - I received an email from Erika in Brisbane, Australia asking if I'd like some silk flowers she'd photographed as they match my "Lily" kit. She sent me the link and they are GEORGEOUS and are just right for the kit. I asked Erika if she was happy for me to share them with you as she doesn't have a blog herself (very busy lady) and she was happy for me to do that. Download here and here. PLEASE leave some love for Erika if you download them - she did a fantastic job cutting them out out and making png files.

I will post again later with my final set of elements for "Lily", unless anyone asks me for something specific that they would like to have with it....


shawnyrvr said...

Please do tell Erika these are absolutely WONDeRFUL for ME. I luuuuuvvvv them!!! Thsnks Erika!

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