Thursday, 21 February 2008


I had a comment from Lauren about the comments left being lower than the downloads and what she said was nice, and I like to think, true! She said that just by downloading something, a person is saying thank you because if they didn't like it, they wouldn't download it! I am going to think that way from now on - it gives me a warm cosy feeling! ;o) Thanks Lauren.

Back later with the grungy solids - am at work at the moment, so probably shouldn't do it now! LOL!


Amanda said...

You do beautiful work - thank you!

And you SHOULD consider each download a compliment to your work!

CraftyCropper said...

Wow - what a cool way to think about it - I still would like to say thank you though. Your work is beautiful and will be benefit many.

Melissa said...

I think thats a great attitude. I try to say THANKS as often as I can. All too often I download my fav freebies with a child or two on my lap and I only have one free hand... so I can go click click click with my mouse but I cant type.

Tina said...

That is sooo true,but it's still nice to hear it from time to time. I have my own blog that I offer freebies and I see hundreds of downloads and only a handful of "thanks". I know that if they didn't like what the saw they wouldn't download, so it doesn't hurt my feelings.....and they always come back! So that should tell us something!

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