Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Alpha, news and birthday!!

First up, it's Pompey's birthday today - he is 3! That's 21 in dog years, so he is a fully responsible adult now and we are sending him out to work. We've supported him for too long and he should be buying his own food and paying his own vet's bills by now!! LOL! Please leave some love for him when you download the alphas. I'll print them out and let him read them - he's finished school now, so he should be ok with that!!

Next, Lily's wound seems fine - we have bathed it in salt water and it's really clean and healing nicely. I think a trip to the vet is unnecessary - yipppeee! Thanks for the advice Joanne, but I don't know if we have Polysporin here in England! We used Savlon which is for humans, but I am sure it will do the same thing!

The news is that the new eZine I told you about - Scrap n' Art is ready for download. The first issue May/June is ready and waiting for you. I downloaded it and it looks FABULOUS! There are no digital items in this issue, but I am told there will be lots in the next issue and they are looking for layout submissions both digital and paper. You should all have a go and see if you can get published! Go the site and download the first issue and sign up so that you get the second issue for July/August with my article and exclusive kit!

Now, to the alpha for the In the Pink kit - here it is. I hope you like it - new boys kit tomorrow!

Finally, I have a new layout to share for Pompey's birthday! It's using my new kit, so I guess it's a sneak preview!! I used the latest template from M originals - I really do love them! Also, as Pompey is named after a city by the sea, it seemed appropriate! Check back tomorrow for the new kit papers.


laura said...

Happy birthday Pompey!!! I hope you live 100 years more. My pet 3 years old too.

Thanks for sharing, I love this pink kit.

Donna said...

Oh, that new kit is looking like it is going to be wonderful! Funny, earlier today I passed on that very template but you made it look so much better than I ever thought. A tribute to your great Talent!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your Pompey and happy to hear that Lily will be fine!
Thanks for sharing this very pretty girly collection - neat alphabet.
I love your layout of "old seadog".

KrisG said...

Happy Birthday Pompey!!!! I hope that you will still behave... yanno just because you're an adult, that doesn't give you reason to be overly rowdy!! (LOL).

I have to say thank you for both the word art AND the alpha. I don't know HOW I missed yesterday's post... you're in my daily blog roll!!! Love this kit and your LOs are fabulous!!! TFS those too!

jaye said...

Happy Birthday Pompey, may you enjoy 'adulthood'.
Yes, it's probably the same thing. I'm glad things are healing on their own and you can avoid a vet visit.

Love the preview.......have a funny dog story your layout brings to my mind and it involves a very similar thing.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Well I haven't downloaded the pink set but I wanted to say I'm glad the dog is better. And Happy Birthday Pompey. I love the layout.

onehm said...

thank you for the beautiful alpha!

Tink said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And I know one little Princess who is going to love having her layouts done with this kit. Thank you

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