Saturday, 17 May 2008

Challenge - final 3!

This has been the hardest decision and I can't believe I finally made it. I had 17 entries and to choose between them took me FOREVER! I want the other entrants to know that I toiled with the decision for so long and changed my mind so many times - all the entries were beautiful and I will show them all to you when the winner has been chosen so that you can see for yourself the hard job I had!

So, these are the final three I chose. I wanted to choose one layout from each kit, so these are the finalists. I won't tell you who they are so that you can't be biased! Although I think they may be posted elsewhere, so it wouldn't be hard to figure it out!! You can see them posted on the right at the top of my blog where you can vote too.

The first uses Dandelion Dream - it's a stunning photograph and a wonderfully simple layout which compliments the photo just beautifully.

The second is using Springtime - a double page layout, again, striking by it's simplicity - the photos match the colour palette so well.

And finally, from Citrus Berry, we have a really fun layout around a beautiful photo. There are a couple of items in there that aren't mine, but they're limited, so I let it through.

NOW - it's over to you - I need you to vote for your favourite (above) and let me know who the winner should be. The winner will have a mini kit made for them around a photo or set of photos - and I will share that with you after the winner has had a chance to have a little play. Good luck to all three of you.


KrisG said...

WOW! Fabulous LOs... all of them! I can see your dilemma! I know I had a hard time choosing just one... they're all winners! But I finally picked one. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Tough choice. They are all great LO. I choose #1

Melanie Morales said...

I like #3 - for my favorite... I love them all! But to choose one - I'd have to go with #3.

Sharon said...

what gorgeous layouts they all all of them but have chosen one in my voting! good luck to you all.

Donna said...

I also choose Layout #3. The picture in layout #1 would make you want to vote for it, but from a scrapbooking point of view, #3 is the best.

Emmy said...

Hummmm it's guite difficult to choose only one.I like them all.

Yes ! No 1 has a wonderful photo but everything was mixed nice too.
No 3 has a colourful layout but used some elements from outside then my voting go to No 1.:-)

Good luck for all.

Teresa said...

Tough to choose but I am going to choose #3.

-TNChick- said...

I voted for the Citrus Berry Layout, #3!

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