Tuesday, 20 May 2008

More beautiful layouts....

The summer garden elements are below for those looking, but I am so overwhelmed by the amount of layouts I receive using my lovely kits, so here, for your viewing pleasure, are some more....

Firstly, I had an email from Sharon who asked if she could use my designs for making cards that she would sell for charity. Of course, I could never say no to such a request - anything I can do to help - although as you can see Sharon has really done some great things and has given me some inspiration for my card making.

Next, we have this great layout from Erika using my citrus berry kit - I love the story with it. It'll be a great one to show her daughter's first boyfriend I think!! ;o)

This next one is from Beth using my citrus berry kit again - what a fab photo!

Then we have a two page layout using my cinnamon toast kit by Shannon - those photos are great fun!

This great layout is from TNChick using the latest summer garden kit - I love how that bug looks like he's crawling into the photo! She also used Notepaper Sparkle Alpha by Gina Maria and Funky Buttons by Tara Dunstan Designs.

And last, but not least, this layout is from Scrapping Mom of 5 - she did it while she was recovering from surgery using my About a Boy kit - I love the fact that there is no photo on it but it still tells a story!

Thanks to all the ladies for sharing. If I have forgotten someone who has emailed me - please send me a reminder. It's not my intention to leave anyone out, but I'm human!! ;o)


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