Thursday, 1 May 2008

Some more beautiful layouts...

I do so love seeing your layouts using my kit - it really does give me inspiration for my layouts - so keep them coming ;o)

Firstly, I have a layout from Susie using Doodle-iscious - great job Susie. I love how the letters are covered by photos!

The next one is a great shot of Erika's dog after visiting the "poodle parlour" using Cinnamon Toast. Just how cute is that dog? The alpha is made by Erika using an Atomic Cupcake action.

And then we have a very spring-like layout from Joanne using Fizzy Pop - this really makes me long for spring to kick in fully. The colours work so well together.

Finally, we have a layout from me! It's using Fizzy Pop too - hope you like it ;o)


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