Monday, 23 June 2008


This message goes to anyone who asks me a question, but doesn't leave any contact details! I can't answer questions if I can't get hold of you. I will tell you one more time that the beach kit in scrap n' art is in the July/August issue out on 1st July. I won't answer this question any more times unless there is a contact email address left with messages! It does go to show how many people come for the freebies and don't read my blog though....! Sorry - enough venting for me - back later!


Stacey said...

hee hee hee Vicki....umm where do I get the beach kit?? haa haa just kidding!!! You rock girl!!!!

Denise said...

I can't wait to get your beach kit, I love the colors. You do such great work. Thanks for all your freebies. I do visit your sponsors.

I also have a dog, Skippy. My poor little boy is being neutered today. This will be his first night away from home without his mommy or daddy. And, yes, our little boy is spoiled as well.

When is the beach LO coming? LOL


Wynd said...

I love all your stuff, and have checked out all your sponsors and fun kits! So creative.

txbubbles said...

I just have to say, this is the kind of stuff that you get from the ones that come from DigiFree. They don't read your blog. All they care about is grabbing the freebie and running for parts unknown. Most don't even have the manners to say thank you, either. I'm climbing down off my soap box now. LOL!!! I am looking forward to July 1st, I have a lot of beach photos! Thanks for everything you share!

AnneMarie said...

lol! I have to laugh.. this is like me and dh talking to the kids..
oh, by the way... what issue?? of this year? how do I get there..
or my son's favorite..
quickly followed by
and then a why.. about 20 min later.. lol!

Elizabeth said...

I love the freebies, but need to hear all about your two "children" also, it's my vicarious dog experience since I only have cats. Who are at least as spoiled as your dogs, I am a SAHM and my non-fur child is almost 21.

Anne said...

Oh, this set looks so beautiful! :)
I'm very new to digital scrapbooking (or scrapbooking in general), but I can't wait to do something with this one.

Thank you so much for sharing. :)

Best wishes from Germany,

RealRach said...

Vicki, just know that you a bunch of faithful followers who adore you. You are doing this for us, not them! So for all so slackers, I THANK YOU on their behalf. You are appriciated and read your blog daily and check out your sponsor links. I wanna keep you doing freebies! And it only takes a second.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your layouts. It is really exciting to see someone who is so into scrapping. I like to use the elemens to create slide shows with the images I take. (personl ones for the family). I have sent other scrappers to your site, and told them they better check out your links... I was a liitle confused about the July 1st date, but never sent out the question... sooo even tho you have been asked several times, thnks for clearing it up for me LOL. A million thanks again!

eileen said...

I don't mean to be annoymous - but cannot figure out how to sign this.


nite owl said...

even tho you aren't talking to me because i didn't ask you that question, i just want to put it out there that some of us are new to blogs and such and i know that the other day i responded to someone's blog and failed to insert my email address because i thought for some reason that the blog owner might be able to see our email address when we post even tho it didn't show in public. i'm just sayin'....

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