Sunday, 15 June 2008

Some layouts from my blog readers

I have been really bad at keeping up with layouts that have been sent to me, so here we go with loads for you to see today. Some great inspiration and beautiful layouts there! If you are looking for the Pink Coffee Cream papers, elements or QP - keep scrolling down!! LOL! Alpha to follow a bit later today.

First of all, Pene from Australia has used several of my kits to make layouts - you can see them at the Jessica Sprague Gallery (username rtoose), but here are a couple for you to see.

This one is from Iris - great photo Iris - thanks for sharing!

These are from Mysty using my Deep Blue kit - they're great Mysty - thanks for sharing!

This one is from Beth using Brit Pop (that's quite an old one). Great photo Beth!

Here's a LO from Sarah using my Blue Earth kit - how cute is he?!

This one is from Scrapping Mom of 5 using my frames from a Run ABC add-on - it was my very first freebie! Thanks for sharing!

Here's a layout from Leigh using Citrus Berry - it makes me long for the sea! It was used for a challenge at Been There, Scrapped That.

This layout uses Blue Earth - just look how cute that fur baby is! It's from Nicole - thanks for sharing!

Here is a layout using Rustic Walk from Sylvia in Paris - I do love her cat and what a great way to use the box!

This one is from Shannon using my Dandelion Dream kit - beautiful work Shannon.

This one is from princess jen using my Lily kit - how cute are those photos? She has some other layouts on her blog, so check them out!

Finally, this one is from Kim and uses my Red, White and Blue kit - very patriotic! Come on England!! Love it!


Mrs. Mordecai said...

That's a lot of cuteness! I love seeing what people do with your great kits!

Anonymous said...

Great layouts - love the one with the cat in the box!!

Denise said...

They are all great! Where does one leave a layout for you?

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