Friday, 11 July 2008

All different things today....

So today, I have a few things to say. Firstly - it's FRIDAY!! Yipppeee!! I love Friday! Check below if you are looking for the Vineyard elements...

Next, I want to point you toward Susie's blog - she has posted something for me today and I almost fell off my chair laughing!! Check out her post here - it's definitely worth a look if you want a giggle!!

My next piece of news is quite exciting. I mentioned yesterday that I would be doing a collab kit, well today I can announce more details. I was approached by Mel who is a very talented designer asking if I would like to do a collab kit with her! Of course I would - it will be my very first and I am excited to do one! So, Mel chose a fab colour swatch and we decided on a name - "Summer Treats". We are going to release the kit in about a week, so don't miss that - it's going to be a bright, fresh, summery treat! Check out Mel's blog too - she has some beautiful freebies and she is posting a new one tomorrow which looks beautiful!

Finally, I had a comment left for me telling me that my Berrylicious papers have been posted on RapidShare by someone else. I contacted RapidShare, but they told me that they can't do anything without me telling them where the original link is - if it was you that left the comment, please can you let me know? Thank you. Back with an alpha tomorrow.


mel_h said...

hellooo! love the post! thanks so much! just posted on my blog too, soooo exciting!
much love,
mel_h xxxxxxx

Denise said...

I checked Susie's blog and that is too funny.

Enjoy working with Mel, I know the kit will be fabulous!

I asked a question the other day and did not leave an email. The question was, how come there are never any apostrophes in the alphas? Thanks.

txbubbles said...

I almost fell out of chair when I scrolled down and saw your accommodations! That is just TOO funny! Love this new swatch, the name is perfect for these Popsicle colors!
Vicki in Texas

Susie2shoes said...

What fabulous colours, they remind me of sweeties (candy) called skittles. It's 12.30am and I'm tucked up in bed and I want skittles NOW! Can't wait until next week Vicki.

Glad you like the special accommodation arrangements.

Julie said...

Susie's blog is too funny! I love the colors of your new colab kit. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Anonymous said...

I think I'll stay with Lily & Pompey if I ever go to visit Susie - how sweet!! Thanks for the laugh.

Love the color swatch for the collab kit - looking forward to its unveiling!

Congrats on all your latest awards - you certainly deserve them!!

She-Ra said...

ooooo - great colors! I can't wait!

Also, loved the camping pictures. Looks like loads of fun.

Jillian Rose said...

wow, i'm really excited for that collab, the colors are absolutely great. Love the new kit too! Oh, and I totally think you diserve an award, head on over to my blog!

Miles Away In France said...

I just found your blog and I love it, you are so talented and so very generous with all the freebies.

I have often wondered how to do digital scrapbooking.

Can you tell me what software you use.

Racheal x

huntfamily said...

I just started reading your blog yesterday (thanks to my sister for sending me to you), and also just started this scrapbooking thing yesterday. Thanks for all your help!! I'm now a Vicki's Blog addict.

Erika said...

I knew it - you just loved the freedom of camping and crazy hair too much and have run off to do it all again ! Seriously - hope you are okay, not like you not to post each day.

Poshy Princess said...

Wanted to take a moment to say thanks for the wonderful kits.
I made a layout using several and thought I would hare the link.
Thanks again

ckm said...

That is a riot! The accommodations are too funny! Thanks for sharing these kits with us!

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