Sunday, 21 September 2008

Heritage kit....

Hey everyone! I have some quick news for you. Lots of you have asked me for heritage stuff and it's not really my thing... BUT, Charlie (one of my CT) has created a stunning heritage kit as a freebie, so you really have to go check it out so that you don't need to ask me for one again - LOL!! Click the image to go straight to her blog! There are an amazing 33 papers and 42 elements!! See you tomorrow with something more my style!


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh my Vicki!!! *WEDDING TREASURES* is LOVELY indeed and VERY much a HERITAGE style kit!

How WONDERFUL of you to support and encourage FUTURE designers! Thus far, both Sara and Charlie have done a FABULOUS job bringing NEW goodies to SCRAPLAND!

I hope that you are ENJOYING your LAZY Sunday darlin'! I actually took the ENTIRE day and night away from the computer yesterday!!!

I am just beginning my day and I know that your's shall soon be ending so I leave you with GOOD WISHES for PLEASANT DREAMS and a SPECTACULAR start to the NEW week ahead! Looking forward to seeing *WILD CHILD*!!!

Kisses for Pompey and Lily ...

Linda :)

P.S. Today is my oldest son, Matthew's "26th" birthday! Funny how every time one of my children has a birthday, I feel just a little bit older!!! He, he ... LOL! Perhaps my avatar needs a MAKEOVER, eh? You cracka me up girl! CHEERS!

charlie said...

aw shucks..thankyou so much Vicki..what a lovely surprise to wake up to..thankyou so much for your support!!

Stacey said...

wow that is gorgeous!!!!!!

soinkincute said...

Hi Vicki!

I have been following both Charlie and Sara's work and they are both awesome!!! The three of you are like a powerhouse of digi-divas! I am soooo, sooo, sooo impressed by all of the work each of you do every day!!!

What I can't believe is all of your stuff is downloadable for FREE! Girl, your stuff is so worthy of pay and I hope that your ultimate goal is to start you own shop.... perhaps that's not your thing, but I almost feel like I am stealing when I come download your stuff. It is so awesome!! Better than a lot of the stuff I see being sold in stores.

Thank you for all you do and if there is anyway we can "re-pay" you all, please do tell!!!

Take care and huge hugs!!!


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