Monday, 15 September 2008

Inkubook update

I was going to save this until tomorrow, but I couldn't resist posting now! I have received my book! I am really pleased with it! I ordered a soft covered book because it was the only square one available and I would have preferred a hard-back, but I am really pleased with the quality of it - I can definitely recommend it. The pages are nice and thick and the print quality is beautiful. I will definitely be back for another once I know I can get a hard-backed square book. Well done Inkubook! Here are some photos for you to see for yourselves... Also, see below for the papers for Autumn Dream.


Stacey said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is the coolest thing ever!!!!!!! I need to do that!!!

Miranda said...

That looks really great. I know what I am gonna do with my digital layouts.

Thanks for sharing this.

Shel said...

Thanks for sharing this. It looks great.

charlie said...

omg..i want one..that looks fab!!!!!!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh Vicki love - it turned our FABULOUSLY well!!! I am MOST impressed and was checking them out rather thoroughly the other day! Hmmm .... I have been wishing to purchase my own machine to do them at home, but not quite sure how the two will go head-to-head!!!

More pondering to do .... LOL!

Thank you SO much for sharing your results - BIG HELP!

Linda :)

Capsonne said...

Oh wow that looks awesome! Looks like I might have to get me one of those too :D

Caryn said...

Vicki, it came out gorgeous. Will have to try them.

Amanda said...

Wow that looks great. I ordered one from Winkflash and was not as pleased with the quality as I know prints can be. How is the image clarity and brightness? Do they also do boarderless printing/ webbgraphix at gmail dot com.

charity.sorrells said...

Holy moses that book is amazing!!

i'm posting about you today on my blog!!

Danielle said...

i am glad to see your book it looks great I too am very disapointed that they do not offer the hard bound books yet ( at least in the sizes i want) i will deffinatly use them once they get the hard covers thanks for the tips

Miss j aka mixedclawzz said...

Your book looks beautiful! Nice job.
Have you ever ordered from My Pic Tales? If you have, how would you compare?

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