Sunday, 28 September 2008

Several things

OK, so today there are some things to tell you - one will make you laugh, so I'll leave that to the end as you may not be able to read afterwards!! LOL!!

First up, my CT Charlie has a new freebie kit which those of you with girls are going to adore - isn't it beautiful? Head on over to her blog to find out how you can get it and don't forget to leave some love for her and if you do collect the kit, remember to go back on Monday to vote for her in the next round of the SAS designer competition.

The next thing to tell you about is the collab kit with Mel which starts tomorrow - here is a sneaky preview - I hope you will like it!

Next up, I have some awards that I have been given and I am really bad at keeping up with these things, but thank you to Jennifer - The Freebie Diva and Karyn - The Life & Times of Karyn. Thanks ladies - I really appreciate the thought.

And now to the thing that will make you laugh! As many of my regular readers will know, our dog, Pompey is named after hubby's favourite footie team (Portsmouth FC, who are known as Pompey). Well, a few days ago, we found a shirt that I had bought him for Christmas a few years ago. It was always way too big, but it was more a momento than one to wear anyway. So, we decided to put it on Pompey... LOL!! This is the result! I don't think he liked it very much and look - he's sticking his tongue out at us!! ROFL!! If you're not laughing at this picture, then I want to know why? I think if dogs could divorce their owners, we would be history!! Hehehe!! See you tomorrow with the collab. TTFN.


charlie said...

Thats histerical Vicki..I cant believe your dog even let you put the shirt on for to give you another million cyber hugs......for advertising my kit lovely are the best..and I hope you know it..thanks mate I really appreciate it...mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

That's SO funny!

My sister is dressing up her all black cat as a bumblebee for halloween - complete with antennae. I've seen the cat in the costume - how he lets her do it, I have NO idea!

So now you need to scrap that on a sports themed page and you're done! Too funny!

Thanks for the freebies!

Tammy Dunlap said...

Oh too cute! Lol!

Shel said...

So cute. I tried putting a shirt on my dog--once. He barked and growled and that was the end of trying to dress him up in any way.

I *love* the sneak peek at the kit. I cannot wait to see the whole thing!

Bec said...

I have a feeling this will look great on the layout you'll make with the kit you 'sneak' previewed. Looks like a kit you will have a lot of use for. By the expression, Pompey may be wondering if his Mom has gone crazy. My daughter has several articles of clothing for her dogs, including goggles for when they go for a ride and a 'duckie' bath robe. Pompey looks adorable, thanks for the laugh today. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Pompey looks awesome in his jersey! I think Lily is a little jealous, need to get her one, too! (maybe a more girly colored one!) :-) Thanks for sharing! And thanks for the amazing freebies!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

ROFL! ROTFLMBO .... still ROFL!!!

Vicki, you have just GOT to post this TREASURED photo of Pompey in an animal photo contest or something of the sort - HE is TOOOOOOOO cute!!!

LOVE the jersey and as you can imagine with having had SIX kiddos, you JUST KNOW that our animals were dressed up QUITE often!

I like the little glimpse of Lily wondering what all the HUBBUB is about! Bless her heart, I think she is wishing to join in on all the FUN, eh? LOL! I ADORE Lily and Pompey. Seeing the close up of Pompey here is like looking at a darker version of our Max!

Cannot wait for the NEW collab from you and Mel! I shall be catching up with you in the next day or two and before we leave town to meet our grandson Riley who is now 15 months old! Where Oh where does the time go?

Have a LOVELY week ahead sweetie - talk to you VERY soon!

Linda :)

Stacey said...

hee hee hee!!!!! That is soooo funny!!!!!!

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Oh its so funny. My son has tried it with his dog but wasn't nearly as successful.

Anonymous said...

Your right on the LOOK!!!!! What a sweetheart! I have 6 mini schnauzers, so I love puppies!!! We call them our kids! Looks like the reveal has something to do with 4 leggeds kids,LOLOLOL!!!!!! Hugs, Deb P

Cauleen said...

Pompey looks like he's saying,"I can't believe they put me in this shirt. I'd kick a fit, but they DO feed me...." LOL! Just love the pic and cannot WAIT for the new kit! Hugs!

Anne said...

LMAO, how cute is THAT??

I was close enough to buy my doggie a shirt with "Diva" written on the back because she's definitely a diva, but then refrained from doing so, LOL.

Susie2shoes said...

So cute, it goes so well with his colouring. Very cute and funny. Big pats and "There's a cute wickle dogy", in a very silly voice, well that's how I talk to dogs anyhow, to both fur babies and hugs to you.

Randi Lyn A. said...

I think Pompey is plotting his revenge. LOLOL!!! Really, he does look like such a sweetie and is putting up with the shirt very nicely.

Carole N. said...

ROFLMBO Oh my gosh, Vicki. This is hilarious. Poor Pompey, though. He does look pretty disgusted with the whole thing. LOL

He is probably thinking...first they dress me up and now I have to pose for photos. ROFLOL

Thanks for giving me a wonderful laugh today. It felt soooo good.
Love you and big hugs!

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