Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Summer Cocktail elements part 1 and toothache!

Hello, hello, hello! WOW - you do like Summer Cocktail, don't you? Nearly 700 downloads in 24 hours!! 4shared may start charging me rent soon - LOL!!

Today, hubby has toothache! It's his own fault - he hasn't been to a dentist since he left the navy - 7 years ago!! He is finally going to register with a dentist and in the meantime, he is rubbing paracetamol directly onto his gum!! WHAT?? I know, he's crazy, but he says it works! Does anyone out there have any other home remedies he can try until he sees the dentist? He will accept help from anyone at this point! LOL!

Training last night with Pompey was very funny! Firstly, he was acting like a crazy dog who you'd think had never met other dogs before - he was soooo excited and pulled me all around the room to meet the other dogs! Then, he did quite well. We all lined up for a stay in a line and we had to call the dogs one by one... All the other dogs kept running around the room and Pompey stayed put! Oh, how proud was I? I just kept telling him to stay and he did! So, I was chosen to be the last to do the recall as his stay was best. When I called him, he just sat there looking at me as if to say "come on, do you want me to stay, or do you want me to come - make up your mind woman!!" I just burst into laughter and then he came to me wagging his tail! He got a BIG piece of sausage for that and he just looked so pleased with himself!

When we got home, Lily went crazy - she ran around after Pompey, licking him and sniffing him and didn't even notice I was home too! It's so sweet - sometimes they ignore each other, but at times like that, you know that they really do love each other!

And, now to the reason you came - LOL! The elements (part 1) for Summer Cocktail. I hope you like them and will be back for part 2 tomorrow! Oh, and Atomic Cupcake's latest action is free until 20th September - go check it out - they have FAB actions! TTFN. Link expired.


Stacey said...

I LOVE this kit...700 downloads? Holy cow that is awesome!!!! Hope your hubby's tooth feels better!!!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Tell him if he kicks a brick wall barefoot then he'll forget about the pain in his tooth . . . sage advice from my 3rd grade teacher. :) Hope he's feeling better soon!

Shel said...

Wow--your dogs are so well trained. I think my dog trained us to do what HE wanted us to do! LOL

I love this kit--and it coordinates nicely with the colors of Pamela's (Digitreats) Run kit.

Anonymous said...

First off, I just absolutely love the color scheme! It's awesome!

700 downloads?!? GoodNESS!!!

Thanks for the freebies, I love them!


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for these AWERSOME elements!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christelle said...

Oooooh loooove the elements!!

As for hubby...a little cotton wool with a lot of brandy works wonders!! :D He may decide if he wants to swallow or not..

Nicole said...

Thank you for this next part!

Sasa said...

The cotton wool and brandy sound like a good idea!

My dentist always recommended a 1/2 & 1/2 mixture of mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide . . . the alcohol in the mouthwash burns - and the hydrogen peroxide bubbles. Rinse and hold it in your mouth as long as you can stand it. If there is a LOT of bubbles, do it a second time . . . then rinse with plain water.

Allison Evans Brown said...

So I don't feel so bad now that I know your hubby hasn't seen the dentist in seven years! I haven't seen the dentist in like three or three and a half and I need to go because I have a cavity.

...but I hate the dentist! And I'll have to get a shot!

The last time I went to the dentist, I had to get 10 shots in my mouth because I was getting my wisdom teeth removed (while awake). Since they had all come in it was pointless to put me to sleep. But that's alright. I got to hear him breaking my teeth in half and ripping them out of my gums! It was fabulous!

(totally kidding)

I was barely preg (the preg test didn't show it yet). So it was a good thing they didn't put me to sleep. I read that it wasn't good on the unborn baby.

Well there's a chapter in my life that I'm sure you didn't care to read!! Haha! Sorry for the blabbering.

Sue said...

Thanks for the great elements! I think the flowered sequin and bead string is really fun. :)

nachtstern said...

chamomille tee.
it eases infections, especially in the mouth.
also, used teabags can be pressed directly where it hurt to maximize effects

Danielle said...

i use teatree oik wheni have a little pain it kills the bacteria causeing the pain - i think some of the other suggestions would work in the same way - i like the teatree oil becuause i am not that great at flossing and they always give me the lecture every 6 months now that i use it i get way less lectures and have alot less plaque on my teeth

thanks for the elements

oh yeah did you get your book yet - ok i know it is only tuesday and you told us about it sat i am just excited to see if you like the quality - i just started 2 albums one for each of my kids soccer coaches for there end of the year gift, and can not wait to see if you like the quality

Erin-Joi said...

Before all the fancy drugs, dentists used to use clove oil or clove tinture. You can get it over the counter at many pharmacies. If needed NOW, chew a clove. The chemical that comes out of cloves numbs.
I have had a series of dental surgeries this year and the clove oil worked better than the prescription pain killers.
Best of luck, Erin-Joi

Amy said...

Thanks again for being so kind to share your creations. And thanks for head's up on the atomic cupcake new action!

Paper Dolls said...

I love the colors and your wonderful work. The colors remind me of happy times and I don't even drink!
Thanks for sharing your talent with those of us that have none!

Cassie said...

thanks for the atomic cupcake info and the great download.

Elizabeth said...

thank you for the great elements and tip about the action!

Elaine said...

Thank you so much!! Loce the colors!

Anonymous said...

Not surprising, Vicki! You do wonderful creations that we all just love to bits. :)
Your pups are just like ours. I just wish I could get them to stop acting crazy when they see other dogs but nothing we've done every works for long LOL
A good warm water salt wash may help. Salt dries out any puss that may be forming under the gums. About a teaspoon to 1 cup. Swish it all around that aching tooth and let a clean rinse sit there a bit. I recall Mum putting asprin on our toothaches too and sometimes cloves.
Thank you for another beautiful kit. :)

Anne said...

Thank you so much for these beautiful elements, Vicki, also for pointing me to Atomic Cupcake's latest action. Duh, I would have missed their deadline for the free download hadn't you mentioned it.

I hope hubby's toothache is gone soon. Like someone here said already, cloves oil is good, also chewing on a clove helps because this way the etherical oils are being extracted and you can save the money for buying the oil. :)

Hugs from Germany,

Denise said...

Thanks Vicki' love the colors.

Your husband might try clove oil. I hear it helps and I just started using it as a natural mouthwash! Hope he's not in too much pain.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 10 Sep [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

makeyesup said...

thanks for the elements, we all know how terrific your kits are and it is understandable that you have so many blog readers. Have to get my eyes checked though. As I was reading your comments today, got to the paragraph that started with 'Training with Pompey.....' and I read it as 'TALKING with Pompey was very funny today'. All I could imagine was how that conversation went. It made me remember my sister-in-law many years ago with 3 small children and a dog. Can't remember what he did wrong; however, she stood their wagging her finger at the dog and yelling 'Answer Me' many times over.

Susie2shoes said...

Love the kit Vicki, Thank you so much. I'm running out of storage space on my hard drive, which is a pain. But I would happily make space for your lovely kits. Hope hubby's tooth is being looked at by the dentist soon, 7 years is a long time between appointments by any means. Men just don't look after themselves do they. I'm job hunting at the moment but I'm not having any luck. I guess I need to re do my CV. Big hugs to you both and a pat and a hug to Pompey and Lily. x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see the next part!

Ms Kittie said...

Thanks for sharing! Love the colors. Can't wait to see the next part! Have a great day.

grammadiane said...

Love this beautifully colored kit...thanks for the toothache....I had always used oil of cloves.....a bit better than chewing on a clove ...but both are effective....I also used to put a Bayer Aspirin (not a coated one) on the gums at the point of the toothache between the cheek and gums although this cannot be done for too long.....certainly no longer than a day or two and only about twice a day..

Newbie said...

Love this kit.

If your hubby can stand the taste, hold an aspirin right on the tooth and let it dissolve. You can do this with two or three if necessary. Seems to help a lot.

Mary86 said...

Thank you very much for this great kit!!! i love colors !!

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