Sunday, 14 September 2008

This n' that!!

A few catch up items again today. Firstly, I received some blog awards - I've had them already (lucky me), but I wanted to mention the people who sent them - thank you to all three of you, I really appreciate it - be sure to check out their blogs:

Cindy in FL

Next, I wanted to show you some LOs I did for Mel's CT with her latest kits - Cupcake Nation and Tweetie Pie. I must say how cute these kits are, I don't even have actual kids, but I found them so fun to use - be sure to check out Mel's blog on details of where to buy them.

And finally, just wanted to let you know that Autumn Dream starts tomorrow - you're going to love it (I hope!). Have a great Sunday - see you tomorrow. TTFN.


verabear said...

What a cutie tweetipie turned out to be! I love how yous used those frames :)

Sasa said...

Silly Girl! Of COURSE you have kids - they just happen to have four feet and fur, that's all!!!

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