Thursday, 30 October 2008

Just some ramblings today!

So, no freebie today, but I thought I'd pop by and say hi to you all anyway in case you missed me! LOL! It's been a super busy week this week at work and I am absolutely shattered. My back is hurting a bit - which hasn't happened for a while. I find stress makes it worse and I have been a little stressed the last couple of days with work! However, Thursday is the new Friday for me this week and so I get to go shopping with my girlfriend tomorrow and treat myself to some retail therapy - I can't wait! Pompey and Lily have had their granny to look after them during the day all week and so they won't be happy when I leave them for a few hours tomorrow! Nevermind - lots of spoiling them at the weekend is planned! I am also going to spend Saturday evening with some girlfriends - gossip, wine and laughter is on the menu!! All these things will help to de-stress me!

It's halloween, as you know, tomorrow and we don't really celebrate that much here in England. The last few years, hubby and I have stocked up on sweets and choccies for the trick or treaters and hubby always jokes that I shouldn't give too many so that he has some to eat later! Well, he always has plenty because last year, we only had two knocks at the door! To be honest though, we do live fairly central in a big city, so I guess people are nervous to walk the streets after dark with little ones - who can blame them in this day and age? Anyway, for those of you with kids who enjoy halloween, there is a mini kit for you to pick up at Scrap N' Art tomorrow on Freebie Friday as a gift from me - don't miss that!

That's it then for today. I am going to put away my computer now for the evening and relax with hubby and doggies and watch some TV. See you tomorrow. TTFN


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your back is acting up. My hubby makes us stock up on Halloween goodies, too, but we've NEVER had a trick-or-treater in the 4 years we've been here, lol. I guess we've both got guys with a candy addiction. :)

Anonymous said...

Thursday is Friday for me this week also, but by the time I get there, yours will be half over (odd, that). We never get Trick or Treaters either, but for us it is because we are deep in the spooky woods. We don't buy candy, but we do steal it from our 4 year old after she goes trick or treating! And now that we are parents, we don't need to dress up!

charlie said...

Have a wonderful "girly" weekend beautiful lady!!!!!mwah..hope the back improves

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh SWEET Vicki love, thou didst not mention a hurting bath earlier, only that you were off for a bath and early night. I am SO sorry to hear of your STRESSFUL work week and painful back darlin'. Sending you GOOD thoughts for a MOST restful sleep and FRESH awakening in the morning so that you may have FUN, FUN, and MORE FUN with the girls tomorrow!!! Hmmm ... "retail therapy" - I shall have to add that to my dictionary for future reference!!!

LOVE your layout of you and the girls GOOFING off when you should have been playing a "serious" game of cruquet!!! ROFL! What a FABULOUS QP to boot!!!

Thank you for your CONTINUOUS generosity to ALL of us here in SCRAPALND and BEYOND dear friend!!!


Talk soon.

BIG, BIG "gentle" hugs,
Linda :)

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

I enjoy reading all your posts - it's fun to get to know you a bit. Halloween is not a big holiday here in SKorea either, but the families on the base had trick-or-treat last night, and we're having a small fesitval of sorts tonight for the kiddos.

Sorry to hear your back is bothering you - I hope you have a marvelous time with your girlfriends! I have found that there is nothing that can replace the bond of girlfriends!
hugs, Jami

Susie2shoes said...

Ouch hope your back gets better soon! The best cure for a bad back is a night out with friends and a good gossip and giggle. Thanks for a lovely chatty post I miss them now that you are famous and in such demand:D My friends are in Istanbul at the moment, I couldn't go this year, what with one thing or another. I miss their emails, I didn't realise how many I received throughout the week.

Have a great looooooog weekend

Susie2shoes said...

I meant 'loooong weekend'!!! Silly me, but I suppose you could have a looooog one to. Going to go to sleep now, I mustn't eat so much chocolate and candy late at night, it makes me hyper.

Cazier Craziness said...

I really enjoy your freebies, but it's also just as fun to hear all your cute stories about your dogs and your life. Have a nice weekend. P.s. I would buy your stuff if you sold it.

Lisa said...

Have a good time shopping and a great weekend!

Sasha said...

Ohh girl you need to get some rest especially for that back of yours girlie..Happy Halloween from America .. lol


Simply Sarah said...

Feel better and have a good weekend. I used your Blue Jeans Alpha on a LO - you can check my blog if you want to see it. Loved it, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wow, we get over 200 trick or treaters per year around here! After 200 treats, we shut the lights off at home (usually after 45 min to an hour after the first trick or treater comes). Some of our neighbors have given over 400 treats. The streets around my home are crawling with kids and parents. Cars can't even get through, it is totally crazy! Which reminds me, I have got to take a picture of the hoards of people tonight.

Denise said...

Hope your back gets to feeling better soon. Have fun shopping and with the girls! Thanks for all the great stuff you give us.

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