Tuesday, 25 November 2008


So, who is entering my challenge but just hasn't gotten around to it yet? You have until 13th December to get those entries in - a LO using my "Merry Mistletoe" kit which is available in the November/December issue of Scrap N' Art. I have 41 entries already which means there are 6 free copies of my new kit up for grabs - this will rise to 9 prizes if I get 60 entries!! Click the image to take you to the Scrap Pad - get registered and upload your LO. Also, come chat on the forum - we're a friendly bunch!! See you later with the elements for True Blue.


eilajean said...

thanks so much for all your hard work. I love your new header!

Susie2shoes said...

Drooling again and no it's not the diazepam :) I love your new header, it's good to see your cute little 'Me', popping back online. When you first started blogging and designing kits I created a little icon of it to use to identify the file I store all of your wonderful designs. It's really funny because that's the image of you I have in my head.

Thanks for your hugs and well wishes, I'm feeling a little better. I should be up and about tomorrow if I'm sensible.

Big hugs
Susie x

Stacey said...

Oh my gosh Vicki!! I LOVE your new header!!! How adorable!!!!!! You rock girl!!!

La Scrapping Mad-ison said...

Your header's adorable!!!

So cute!

.charity.sorrells said...

Did i tell you the whole thing is gorgeous!? I love the elements on here....nice job Vicki!

Stefanie said...


I entered your chalenge. It was my first chalenge, since I've only discovered dig.scrap. a few days ago. I just started my own little blog to show of some of the scraps I did on my recent late nights :) Maybe you want to take a look when you find some time, since most of the scraps will be made with your kits. THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING THEM!


Stefani said...

What a CUTE header!! Love the "virtual" you! I'm so glad you mentioned your kit on SNA - the newsletter has just been sitting on my harddrive unopened (where's the bag-over-the-head smiley when you need it??)! So, as we speak, or more precisely, as I type I'm downloading your kit of awesomeness and hopefully I'll get something done to upload to you. :)

Allison Evans Brown said...

I LOVE this kit! It's adorable. Where do you get your color inspirations? Mine are all from

I love your header too! Super cute!

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