Sunday, 23 November 2008

Different pieces of news

BLIMEY! I am thinking that you like "Shabby Christmas"!! At this point in time 1500 people have downloaded the papers already - that is HUGE!! It's a shame you have to wait until next Friday to get the elements! {insert evil laugh}....! LOL!

So, I wanted to tell you some things today. Firstly, my one of my fellow CTMs, Caryn, has made a QP for everyone - well, it's a card really - using Merry Mistletoe - go check that out and remember to leave Caryn some love. She's had an operation on her eye - all sounds very gory, so if you're squeamish, don't read the first couple of paragraphs of her blog entry! Ewww!

Also, I have received some more awards - again, I won't play along, but I will mention the very thoughtful ladies who have given them to me:

Tiff has given me the proximidade award - I love how she told us about the things she loves - she did some LOs - isn't that clever?

Cheryl has given me the Kreativ Blogger award - Cheryl is going to be a grandmother again and she is very proud - she is a regular on the Scrap Pad at SNA and I have been getting to know her much better - Congratulations Cheryl!

And last, but by no means least, is the Kreativ Blogger award from Angie. Angie is in Australia and goes by! What an amazing coincidence hey? I have to tell you that her paper LOs are absolutely stunning and she has regular challenges. I hope to do one of her challenges one of these days - get the papers out again!! LOL! Thanks girl!

That's it for now - I will probably think of something I haven't shared with you as soon as I have posted, but it can save for another day! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and check back tomorrow for this new kit.....


Kelseyll =) said...

Wow...1500, huh? Well, all 4 of you are so generous to offer so many choices on styles of Christmas kits for this blog train! It IS hard to wait a whole week for the next bits and pieces though! =) Thanks for such a generous contribution!

Snowsmoon said...

WOW, I know that I was up there but 1500...that is outstanding. You do go girl! I am excited to get your elements too! I love your Shappy Christmas part of our blog Train. Well, until Friday I am off to post a few more comments and then off to school! LOL'

Have a wonderful week!

Ajila said...

Vicki, I'm not at all surprised that WIASW is so popular with all the great designers involved, like YOU. And it has a different twist to it. It's a lot of fun the way you girls have set this up. Anyway, I wanted to say the picture of you in your beautiful QP is so cool. I won't say which decade my pictures are from *lol*. I'm also amazed that you are planning to give us something blue this week. You are so awesome. You rock girl! TY & LYSL.

Penny S said...
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Penny S said...

You're such a tease - you didn't have to remind us that we have to wait a whole week to get the next kit - at least you didn't mention that it takes a whole month to get all of the whole. oh darn I just did - scrappers don't read this if you didn't want to be reminded. (insert evil laugh here!) :)

As always the kit is fabulous and I can't wait to collect all 4 weeks from all 4 designers!

Cheryl said...

:::::::tapping fingers on desk::::::

Impatiently waiting for the rest of Shabby Christmas! LOL

Thanks for the mention Vicki - you're a sweetie! Love the pic of you and DH!

Lisa said...

And 1500 downloads surprises you why?? With you awesome designers offering such a wonderful kit, that doesn't surprise me at all! You didn't have throw in the fact that we have to wait a week for the elements and on top of that the evil laugh! lol

Stacey said...

totally love the blues!!

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