Thursday, 13 November 2008

Digi challenge at The Scrap Pad

Well, I have received 21 entries (yes, 21) from all you lovely ladies out there! I am sooo excited that my first digi challenge has been so popular and that some of you are hanging around the pad to chat so we can all get to know each other! So, in light of so many entries, I am having a first, second and third place prize (all the same kit - LOL!). Does that make you want to have a go? Come on, I want more entries! If I reach 40 entries, I'll do 6 prizes, and 60 entries will bring 9 prizes.... do I need to go on? LOL!! I may even have a special RAK for anyone who becomes a regular on the Scrap Pad as I am so loving to get to know my blog readers more! Oh, and what do you think of my new kit presentation - do you like it?

In other news (LOL!), Pompey and Lily have been having fun in the rain today! I don't like rain at all, but they do and when we get home, they both look like drowned rats! Hubby is currently considering buying them a doggy shirt each from the Portsmouth FC store (who knew you could buy footie shirts for dogs?)! I can't believe it! He hates dogs in clothes, but because it is a footie shirt, he thinks it's fine! It won't keep them dry though - it will just be one extra thing for me to wash after a walk!!!! LOL! Men!

Also, I wanted to tell you about 4shared. Basically - I have lost patience with the comments issue! I myself find it awkward and so you all must too! I would say - don't bother with it unless you can figure out how to leave a comment easily - I believe if you comment first before hitting download, it works as long as you're logged in. Anyway, I have given up caring about it, so I would love if you would leave a comment on my blog either in the comments or in my shout box (which is really quick and easy) - I do love reading them and would miss them if they stopped completely!

Have a lovely rest of the day - don't forget it's freebie Friday tomorrow at Scrap N' Art - it's one of mine and I think you're going to like it!


KrisG said...

Thanks so much for coming by my blog and checking out what I created with your collab, Enchanted Forest. I'm soooo in love with this kit and plan on getting ALL my grandkids "faery-ized" with it, LOL. Yanno, I didn't even notice you had a guestbook! LOL... selective browsing I guess. The last two "creations" (can't really call 'em LOs) I made are there now. WOW, you're really getting popular, woman! I see adoring fans EVERYWHERE now. Go, Vicki, GO!

Oh... and I hope you get TONS of entries! I love what I've seen at the Scrap Pad already. Have a great day!

Deanna said...

Love the presentation! Going to check out the challenge now!!!

Stacey said...

I LOVE your new presentation!!! You are fabulous girl!!! That kit is amazing and I am so excited that you have so many entries in your challenge already!!! Yay!! Go Vicki Go!!!

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

The new kit is gorgeous!! I love the colours you have choosen. Sounds like the challenge is going with a bang!! No wonder with so many great prizes!!

charlie said...

Phew and i thoughti was the only one having problems with 4 shared..thanks for the heads up..mwah..hope your well lovely lady

Anonymous said...

Hey Vicki,

First off, great freebies, I can't find *the* perfect picture for the Enchanted Forest theme, but I'm sure it'll come to me.

I have a question regarding your challenge - can I use elements from Enchanted Forest (I have two in mind, and they're from Sara's part) as long as the rest of it is from Merry Mistletoe?.... I have an idea and if I can pull it off, I'll be completely thrilled.

Thanks a million!
(or l.k.madison on scrap pad)

Nicole said...

Just downloaded and no unzipping... going to try. Thanks for the reminder! :D

Sara said...

Oooohhhhh - love the new style of preview

devri said...

oh- I can't wait to see.

Cheryl said...

The new presentation is great Vicki! Of course the other one was too!

4Shared is a bit fustrating! I never had a problem posting comments until recently - Now when I'm signed in there is no comment box! How the heck can ya post a comment with no comment box? hahah Oh well, I'd rather leave a comment here, that way you know the "Cheryl" posting is me! (((hugs)))

Simply Sarah said...

love the preview.... great job.
man... I better get on my entry for your challenge... i was gonna wait since the deadline is forever away...

Ken and Belly said...

I was really glad that you shared the cardboard paper you background your kit displays with. I really like that paper.

You know, I don't think I like the new preview as much because it takes up too much space, making it harder to see the details of the kit you want to display! The outside border could be shrunk down. I do like the tabs (# alpha, # papers, # elements) though. Maybe you can tighten up the border so you can expand the view of the kit!

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