Sunday, 7 December 2008

Happiness kit

Hi everyone. Not feeling brilliant today - a touch of flu, although it's nowhere near as bad as hubby made out to be honest! LOL!! Today I wanted to tell you about a beautiful new freebie kit by Sara called Happiness. It is just stunning and you're going to love it! Sara gave me the kit early so that I could do a LO to show what can be done with it and how could I refuse? ;o).

So, here is my LO and below that is the kit preview which you can click and go to Sara's blog to download. I have a new kit starting tomorrow - I would say one for the men in our lives, but with some subtle girly elements to it.


Sara said...

Vicki your page is just lovely... as is the bride & groom. Thank you for doing such a superb job at showing off my kit. Hope you feel better soon. Cheers, Sara

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh my, this is QUITE lovely indeed Vicki as is your layout of your friend's wedding!

Evenin' love!!! I am just starting my day here in COLD, COLD, COLD, Northern California and just had a SWEET giggle on my blog reading your comment!!!

I agree, we do think a lot alike many times - how COOL is that!

Glad to hear you are feeling MUCH better today and I hope you continue to feel so more each day so that your body is well-prepared for your upcoming champagne breakfast come Christmas morning!!!

Lots of love to YOU lovely lady!

Linda :)

Esther said...

I used your True Blue alpha and a couple of Sara's add-on papers to do a layout of some photos of the younger members of my family. It is on my blog.

Aicho said...


I discovered your blog through a Google Reader ad (aren't those things smart...) and I've been constantly amazed when looking through it! How you find the time to design one fabulous kit after another, I don't know, but I am very grateful that you give away all your wonderful creations for free!

Do you mind answering a few questions about designing scrapbooking kits? I've been wondering for ages how a designer takes on the challenge!

Here are my questions:

Where do you start when you design a kit? Do you start from a theme or a color scheme? What inspires you to make a new kit?
Do you follow a process when making a kit?
What do you make first (papers, elements, alphas...)?
Do you have any tips for others who would like to design their own scrapbook items?

Thanks in advance for taking the time for this!

txbubbles said...

(Spraying Lysol all around)
Hugs, girlfriend, hope you feel better real soon!
Vicki in Texas

Caryn said...

Hope you feel better soon, lovely lady! Love your LO - stunning way to show off a lovely kit!

amber said...

Your layout is fantastic! You'd never guess a sickie made it.. ;) I hope you get to feeling better soon... And sorry about the Commercial Stealer... What a bummer! :(

Anonymous said...

Oh Vicki why are there people like the that THIEF in the world. It makes me sad and while you're not able to get angry, I am. I can feel my blood pressure going up.

Hope you've feeling better soon.

Your layout of Sara's kit is just awesome.

Stacey said...

LOVE Sara's kit!! I totally love the LO that you did with it too girl!!

Melanie said...

Bad thief - bad thief! I guess you have to spin it by thinking---WOW! My stuff is so good someone wants to steal it! I so enjoy all your kits you have so kindly shared with us. You have talent and a heck of a lot of energy to produce so much on a regular basis! Your blog is interesting and your dogs are funny. I live in the house of fur...2 dogs, 6 cats and 2 birds...sneeze wheeze! Melanie

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