Friday, 31 October 2008

Scrap N' Art Freebie Friday

Happy halloween scrapland!

So, the kit I promised last week and didn't deliver is now ready for you at Scrap N' Art. It's called Halloween Scream and this is what it looks like. Click the image to go grab it! I am going shopping with my best girlfriend today, so until later..... TTFN

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Just some ramblings today!

So, no freebie today, but I thought I'd pop by and say hi to you all anyway in case you missed me! LOL! It's been a super busy week this week at work and I am absolutely shattered. My back is hurting a bit - which hasn't happened for a while. I find stress makes it worse and I have been a little stressed the last couple of days with work! However, Thursday is the new Friday for me this week and so I get to go shopping with my girlfriend tomorrow and treat myself to some retail therapy - I can't wait! Pompey and Lily have had their granny to look after them during the day all week and so they won't be happy when I leave them for a few hours tomorrow! Nevermind - lots of spoiling them at the weekend is planned! I am also going to spend Saturday evening with some girlfriends - gossip, wine and laughter is on the menu!! All these things will help to de-stress me!

It's halloween, as you know, tomorrow and we don't really celebrate that much here in England. The last few years, hubby and I have stocked up on sweets and choccies for the trick or treaters and hubby always jokes that I shouldn't give too many so that he has some to eat later! Well, he always has plenty because last year, we only had two knocks at the door! To be honest though, we do live fairly central in a big city, so I guess people are nervous to walk the streets after dark with little ones - who can blame them in this day and age? Anyway, for those of you with kids who enjoy halloween, there is a mini kit for you to pick up at Scrap N' Art tomorrow on Freebie Friday as a gift from me - don't miss that!

That's it then for today. I am going to put away my computer now for the evening and relax with hubby and doggies and watch some TV. See you tomorrow. TTFN

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Quickpage freebie

I keep meaning to write a long post telling you what I've been up to, but I am mega busy right now. Just want to say thank you for your lovely words about Putting on the Glitz - I do take time to read them all.

Hop on over to Mel and Charlies blogs and pick up their alphas - much, much loveliness! I really have loved working with them - they are fab designers and great friends.

From me, there's a QP for you today - my LO first, then click the QP below to download. TTFN

Tuesday, 28 October 2008


I've been sent more awards and I'd like to mention the lovely ladies that gave them to me as I've had them before. Thank you all - please go visit their blogs if you have some time.


Also, go check out Cauleen's blog - she has made some wonderful freebies. Tell her I sent you if you visit.

Elements for Putting on the Glitz!

Sorry, it's a bit late - very busy day - started with this view from my office window though, so thought I'd share it with you! How beautiful is that? A balloon over the rooftops in the beautiful Georgian city of Bath. It's not a brilliant photo as I only had my phone camera with me - I must learn to carry my camera everywhere I go!!

So, back to business - here are the elements for "Putting on the Glitz" - click the previews to take yourselves off to get Charlie and Mel's parts and click mine to take you to 4shared to download. I'll post again later with various bits and pieces of news! Later!

Monday, 27 October 2008

Putting on the Glitz collab kit

Good morning Scrapland! Well, it's morning for me anyway! I don't usually post until later in the day, but as we have an Aussie on this collab and she's already posted, I thought I would keep you waiting no longer!! Charlie, Mel and I all worked together on this and it was great fun - Charlie chose the colours and the theme and she chose well as you will see. Firstly, I have a couple of LOs from my CT using my part of the collab to show you - WTG girls, you did good!!

Here is the preview to the entire kit and below that are the papers previews - click mine to download and click Mel and Charlie's to take you to their blogs to download. Please bear in mind that Mel's might not be there yet - it wasn't when I started typing this blog post!! Check back tomorrow for the elements!

Saturday, 25 October 2008


You'll notice I've posted a couple of surveys on the right - please take the time to answer them - HONESTLY! Thank you. Mwah!

Sneak preview

So, I can finally tell you about my new collab starting on Monday. Mel and I are teaming up with Charlie this time around and that means an even BIGGER kit for you guys to grab! Mel and I let Charlie choose the colour and theme and she really chose well! Here is a sneaky peek for you all - check back on Monday to see more!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Hearts & Flowers kit add-on

As always, Sara has designed an add-on to my kit. This is a HUGE add on and it's GORGEOUS, but then we've come to expect nothing less haven't we? LOL! Click the image to take you to her blog to download and don't forget to leave some love!

While I am posting, I wanted also to tell you about Mel's new kits in her store at Scrap and Snap, including the kit named after me - Vicki's Carnival!! I love that kit! So, below are previews to the freebie sampler kits that go with each - check out Mel's shoppe and you can get them for free!!

And finally, my wonderful CTM Charlie has a kit for sale at Snap and Scrap too - it's called "Shabby Old Blues" and it's goregous - go check it out at her shoppe.

If you don't hear from me during the weekend, never fear - I will be back on Monday with the start of my latest collab (although a little birdie tells me that you might see a sneak peek of that tomorrow)!! TTFN.

Freebie Friday at Scrap N' Art

So, here is the freebie that Angel has done for freebie friday this week - click the image to take you to Scrap N' Art to download - it's really cool isn't it?

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Scrap n' Art Forum

Just so you know, I am in the forum at SNA everyday if you want to come along and join in the fun...! I'm awpvicki on the forum, but you'll recognise my cheesy grin anyway!! ;-) Hope to chat with some of you soon....

The Hearts and Flowers alpha

Here is the final instalment of Hearts & Flowers - the alpha!

Before you go get it, I must tell you about my Halloween kit that I told you about yesterday! We have decided to hold it until next Friday when it IS Halloween!! So, tomorrow you'll get something different (some cute speech bubbles) from Angel and then Halloween next week! Sorry, but it will definitely worth the wait and Angel's freebie is to die for!!

So, click the image of the alpha to download and don't forget to leave some love - you only need to do it once Susie! LOL! Mwah!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

More Hearts and Flowers!

As promised, here are your second set of elements for Hearts and Flowers! First though, I have some bits and pieces to tell you....

Thank you for all of your kind words wishing me a speedy recovery - you'll be pleased to know I feel a whole lot better today than I did yesterday and Monday - thank goodness!! I think there are all sorts of bugs doing the rounds at the moment!

Next, I am doing the freebie for Scrap N' Art's Freebie Friday this week and you're going to love it - it's a halloween mini kit - stay tuned for that - it will be on the home page of SNA at 12am EST - that, for my fellow Brits is 5am - nice and early!!

Speaking of SNA - we are still looking for LOs for the Jan/Feb issue - go check the calls and get those LOs in - how do you expect to get published if you don't put in the effort?? LOL!

Also, next week's kit is a collab between me, Mel and a third person (who a lot of you will already know) - really looking forward to that - it's a great theme for the kit and I know you're all going to love it!

There is a kit coming after that which is a collab with a very famous scraplander!! Any guesses who it might be? Let's just say that you will all know who she is and you probably even follow her blog! See how many people get it right and I'll let you know by the end of the week!! LOL!

AND.... you asked for it and I listened! I am doing a collab with Sara in November. She has picked the colours and theme and let me tell you, I think this kit is going to really popular! Sara has a brilliant eye for colour and I am loving working with her! Check back for that in a few weeks!

I think that's it for now (loooong post today) - click the image to download the remaining elements, check back for the alpha tomorrow and don't forget to leave some love - you can leave a comment while the counter is ticking on 4shared without slowing it down, so no excuses!! MWAH!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Hearts & Flowers elements part 1

Thanks for all your lovely comments about Hearts & Flowers - they cheered me up yesterday! I have a little bit of a tummy bug, so feeling somewhat delicate right now! Anyway, yesterday you may have noticed that there wasn't a LO from Vicki, well here it is now and she is, as always, offering it as a QP on her blog - go check it out and be sure to leave some love if you do - she did a FAB job.

And here are the elements (part 1) for Hearts & Flowers - I hope you like them - check back tomorrow for the others.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Hearts & Flowers kit

Today is the start of Hearts & Flowers - I guess some of you will have seen the sneak peek yesterday!! Again, my CT have all interpreted the kit differently and I LOVE their LOs. Great job girls - mwah! Go visit their blogs and leave some love for these wonderfully talented ladies.

This one is mine - Pompey and Lily enjoying the autumn sunshine! Below is the preview to the full kit you'll get for Hearts & Flowers and below that is the papers preview - click that to download the papers. Come back tomorrow for some elements. TTFN.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Sneak peek of tomorrow's new kit

See you tomorrow with "Hearts & Flowers".

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Some awards...

I have received some more awards - lucky me! I wanted to mention the lovely ladies who thought of me - thank you!

First up is Nicole - she has given me the proximidade award (which I've already had). Nicole is a fab designer who has just had a CT call - can't wait to see who she's chosen!! Thanks Nicole.

Next, from Rachael - now she is a talented lady - she has sent me the Brilliante Blog Award (which I've had before too). Rachael sells fab commercial use items and I have to admit to having bought some from her ;-). Thanks Rachael.

My next award is a new one from Lauren. I have to tell you 6 things I love and then pass it on to 6 people. Thanks Lauren for all the lovely comments you leave for me - here are my 6 things:

1. Hubby
2. Pompey & Lily
3. Family
4. Friends
5. Scrapbooking and designing
6. Wine and chocolate!!! LOL!

I pass it on to the following people:


Thanks for all the comments you always leave ladies - I appreciate you all - mwah!

Friday, 17 October 2008


Just wanted to say.... isn't Pompey GORGEOUS? I took this photo today ;-)

Sweet Dreams Add-on

I think this add-on from Sara is her best yet! Go take a look at her blog and if you download, be sure to leave her some love. I don't think it's going to be long before this talented lady is selling her kits! Relaxing evening planned for me. TTFN.

Friday freebie at Scrap N' Art

It's freebie Friday at Scrap N' Art again and this week it's an alpha from Chere. You can never have enough alphas, and this one is really versatile. Click the image to go download it and don't forget to leave some love!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Sweet Dreams alpha

We are going out with friends this evening, so a short post. Thanks for all your lovely encouraging words about my car problems! Pompey and Lily WILL have Christmas - please don't anyone worry about that LOL! It has been suggested that I do a "Pompey & Lily Fund" kit to sell - we'll see! ;-)

Here is the alpha for Sweet Dreams, but be sure to see my previous two posts today - one has some great freebies from scrapland and the other has a preview to a kit called "Merry Mistletoe" - I hope you are going to like it! See you tomorrow!

Merry Mistletoe

For everyone who reads my blog and doesn't just come for the freebies - here is what the freebie kit in Scrap N' Art November/ December looks like! The issue isn't available until 1st November, so don't go looking now, but I thought you'd like to see what you'll be getting! ;-) Also, there is a doodly add-on from Chere which is to die for!! We're on the countdown to November 1st now and I, for one, can't wait to see the issue!

Some news and other stuff....

Firstly, if you've ever wanted to be published and for your LOs to be seen by thousands of people, then don't delay - go submit to Scrap N' Art for the Jan/Feb issue:

January/February 2009 Page/Project Calls
Deadline - November 1st, 2008

• Layouts & Projects showing or using snow/ice/cold elements or photos
• Valentine’s Day layouts, cards, and projects
• Layouts and projects using the colors red and pink
• Layouts and projects that highlight New Year’s parties and resolutions
• Layouts or projects showing unusual use of texture
• Layouts or projects featuring fun and unique ways to use chipboard
• Circular layouts, and projects using circles and circular elements
• Layouts with lots of journaling

Next, my CT member Kim, has a new freebie on her blog - it's really cute and called "Bath Time" - very boyish and I know lots of you out there are always looking for kits for boys! Click the image to take you off to her blog to download.

And this is a beautiful set of papers from a lady called Barbara who approached me a little while back with a kit she'd made. I thought it was beautiful and suggested she start a blog and let you guys have it. She's now done that and you are going to love this autumn kit - go check it out by clicking the image below and don't forget to leave some love if you do.

And finally, one more freebie kit that was sent to me to look at and I thought it was really cute! This one is from Nancy and she has more parts to it on her blog - click the image, check it out and leave some love if you download. You'll see me later with the alpha for Sweet Dreams.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Sweet Dreams elements part 2

Hello to everyone in scrapland! I hope you are all having a lovely Wednesday! I have had a VERY expensive day today - our car was in for an MOT (not sure what you'd call that in other countries, but it's a yearly test a car has to undergo to assess road-worthiness). So, I waited for the dreaded call which came just before lunchtime - it's failed!! So I gingerly enquire as to how much it will cost to fix it so that it will pass and I will be in possession of the much sought after certificate.... "£445.00 (nearly $1000.00) Mrs Parker", he says! "WHAT?", I say! "Sorry Mrs Parker, but you need new shock absorbers at the front as they are leaking, a new exhaust and a replacement license plate as yours is damaged and unreadable. As you have a car which is classed as a sports car (what?) it is quite expensive for parts!" Now, I must tell you that I have been telling hubby for a while that we should change our car to something more economical and I think my point is now well and truly made!!! Enough said on this matter - I will let it rest and tell Pompey and Lily that Christmas is cancelled!! LOL - how dramatic am I?

Today, I can show you a photo of my work's 10th birthday party. This is (in photo order) me, Tina and Jenny striking a pose and also that infamous grin of mine! We did have lots of fun and this was us playing croquet (well we were supposed to be)!! LOL! We didn't win - not sure why we were all put on the same team - I think it was a conspiracy - we giggled too much to be competitive!! Hahaha!

So, back to business, here are the second set of elements for Sweet Dreams - click the image to download and check back tomorrow for the alpha. TTFN.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Sweet Dreams elements part 1

Today I have the first set of elements for you for Sweet Dreams. It's been quite a busy couple of days for me catching up after my holiday, but I still feel quite relaxed after having my massage and facial - one person I spoke to today even said I sounded very relaxed! I should treat myself more often! So, I won't ramble tonight - I will give you the elements and run!! LOL! Remember to leave me some love if you download! Back tomorrow with more elements. Mwah!

Monday, 13 October 2008

A kit made for me!

If you are looking for the new kit - it's in the post below, but please read this one first!

As you know, I am very proudly on Mel's CT and a little while ago she asked us all for a colour scheme and name of a kit so that she could make a kit in recognition of our work. I was so excited, I think I was the first to send a swatch!! LOL! No shortage of swatches here! So, the name I came up with was "Carnival" - I had a photo in mind for scrapping, but didn't send it to her! This is the kit she has created - how wonderful is this?

You will be able to buy this at snap and scrap later in the week (Friday I believe) if you like it - please go get it if you do - it's FAB! So, as her CT member, I did a LO using that photo I had in mind for it! I think you'll agree Mel knows me well and has made a PERFECT kit! Obviously hubby has cut his hair since this photo and I am not a blonde anymore, although I do still have the silly grin I always have!! LOL!

She has lots of other kits for sale - go check them out today!