Saturday, 3 January 2009

Day 3 P365 and Sneak Peek!

So, as promised, my day 3 photo is taken and it's of Lily sleeping like a cat! She is very slim and can be quite small when she curls up - very cute!!

And, also as promised, here is a sneak peek to the new kit that starts on Monday! See you tomorrow with my day 4 photo - I don't know if I should wait for 7 photos and then scrap or start each week on a Monday..... what are you guys doing?


Jac said...

Aahhh Lily looks adorable curled up like that. The sneak peek is very enticing too look forward to the full view on Monday. Have a good w/e

Manda said...

Hey Vicki I love seeing Lily & so happy you are taking part of 365.I havent decided what to do at the end of the week,7 pics of different things may be a tad much,lol!

Carole N. said...

Hi Vicki. I have been trying to decide how to do my layouts. I don't think I can come up with an interesting photo every day of the week. I may opt to just do a layout each week of what was most important. I don't think photos of dust on the furniture is that enticing. ROFLOL Just kidding, but I do lead a very quiet life and unless the grandkids are doing something there isn't much to take photos of.

Thank you for the lovely Pompey Blue QP. I had to check and yep....I had the original Pompey kit, also. I think I must have every one of your kits as I can remember when you were first starting. You have come a long way, Baby. I am so proud of you.

Love the photo of your piggy bank. I have a piggy bank that my uncle (killed in 1945 at the end of WWII) made when he was in school. I guess I could take photos of some of my keepsakes and scrap about them. I have always wanted to document where they came from, etc.

Love the photos you are sharing.


Stacey said...

ohhhhhhhh that kit is awesome!!!!!! one of my favs!!!!!!

Barbara said...

The sneak preview looks fantastic! I'm looking forward to it. Lily is adorable in that napping pose.

Erin-Joi said...

Lily is adorable! I am doing poject 365 also. I haven't posted a pic of my furrbabies yet. Maybe that's what I should post today.

Sirin said...

Yes...she was sleeping like a cat.:-) so cute.
I decided to scrap 365 page after 1 week.
But my problem is sometime I take a lot of photos and I couldn't choose only one. hahaha

Thank you for nice sneak ans peek.

KrisG said...

Hi Vicki and Happy 2009! I've been out of town the past couple weeks so haven't had a lot of time to stop in. I love seeing your pics and this will be awesome to watch you scrap each day! NOW that I'm back (still broke but I have credit cards, hehe) I can go play in your store and snag all that I missed. THANK YOU for any and all kits that I snag.... you KNOW I love your stuff!

Gulffire said...

What a beautiful picture!

Bec said...

Hello Vicki, I just wanted to mention the layout you did titled 'cute' in the scrapNart Jan/Feb issue was adorable. Thank you for all you do! I so look forward to reading each and every tidbit.

busynurse3 said...

I just took some photos that I think will look great with the next kit. Love the peak! Thanks so much!

Simply Sarah said...

What a great picture! How funny that your dog sleeps like a cat and mine sleep like a man... all sprawled out and spread eagle on their backs...

As for the project... you can use a template to house the 7 pictures or just line them up and maybe number them 1-7 and then journal notes 1-7... kinda like mags do. That is why I just decided on my simple LO a day... its done and I move on. I also decided to recap month by month and then maybe print each month - because if I wait till year end... that will be one humungous book! Anyway, check out yesterdays pic... I am using your kits all month.

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