Saturday, 24 January 2009

Jet lagged!

Oh my gosh! I am sooooo jet lagged! I have never suffered before, but boy am I suffering now!

I left England at 3.15 on Thursday to fly to [a not so sunny] LA! The flight was ten and a half hours - the longest flight I've ever been on. It wasn't as bad as I expected because I was sat next to three lovely ladies who were also scrappers going to CHA. It was fantastic to be able to talk about our hobby with people who actually understood it!

When the flight arrived, it was a long wait to get through homeland security and then to the hotel where I finally met Angel (editor of SNA) and her daughter Kae - it was great to finally meet someone I've spoken with so much! We chatted for an hour or two and then to bed as it was 11pm CA time and 7am in England - I was crying out for sleep!! We all woke at 6am because our bodies are adjusting to time differences. Angel is a sweetheart and arranged a tour of LA for us, leaving at 9am for 6 hours. It was FABULOUS - we saw the hollywood sign, the Chinese Theatre, the stars on the sidewalk outside, some homes of the stars including Queen Latifah, Jennifer Anniston, Nancy Regan and Tori Spelling - loads more, but at 3.15am, I can't remember! We also saw some houses used in films, like Father of the Bride and Crocodile Dundee and we saw Charlie Chaplin's house - very cool. Then we went to Rodeo Drive for some window shopping - LOL! Then to Venice Beach - which is VERY cool!

So, as I just said, it's 3.15am! YES - jet lag is a terrible thing and this is my first time with it. I fell asleep at 7pm as I couldn't make it any later, so now I am awake and my body thinks it's morning and to top it off, I have had a headache since I arrived! I just called Rob from the hotel stairwell (so I didn't wake the others) and he says that it's because I haven't been drinking tea. I usually have 3-4 cups a day and I haven't had any here and no caffeine so far! He told me to drink a can of coke which I am doing now and it seems to be working for my head, but isn't doing much for my insomnia!! LOL!

CHA starts on Sunday, so I'll be back to bring you news from there, but in the meantime, here are a few things I've seen in scrapland so far today......

My CTM Cheryl has a freebie on her blog which is just beautiful - take a look... Click the image to take you to her blog and don't forget leave some love for her.

And also, Sara has a new kit in her Eidou store which is just stunning. I got to play with it and made this LO for her - I hope you like it and it will encourage you to buy Sara's kit - she is just starting to sell and is doing an amazing job I think!

Sara also has a new freebie kit and I've almost done my LO, but not quite, so I'll show that to you tomorrow. The kit is called Numb3rs and is just gorgeous - I couldn't wait to play. This is what it looks like - click the image to go to Sara's blog and, as always, leave some love for her!

Next, Kim has done another template which is a great one that can be used for P365. Go check it out if you're participating, but even if you aren't, if you like pages with multiple photos, this is for you! Click it to go to Kim's blog and don't forget to leave some love!

Linda, my dear friend, has some beautiful frames which coordinate with her "Love Me Tender" amazing kit - I hope you've been collecting it, because it is stunning! Click the preview to go to Linda's blog and be sure to pick up everything if you haven't. Again, don't forget to leave some love.

They just keep on coming - here is a beautiful freebie from my friend Dawn called "Hearts as One" - again, stunning!! Click to visit Dawn's blog and collect and (I know I say it a lot) leave some love!

Well, I think that's enough from me for now- it's now 3.45am and I am going blog surfing until I feel tired enough to go back to sleep!! Which I hope will be soon! Leaving you all lots of love and hugs.


Cheryl said...

oh Vickie I hope you get over your jet lag soon! It sounds like you had a fantasic day visiting some of the sites! I've been thinking of you and know you're having a great time. I told Heidi to give you a big 'ole hug from me when she sees you. Can't wait to hear all the CHA scooop! Have fun! Find some tea!! ((Hug))

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

You SWEET darlin'!!! I have yet to go to bed Vicki! I think I've caught jet lag and/or insomnia from you girl!!! ROFL!

How SWEET of you to post our previews! And, I am just NOW seeing that Dawn got her kit up! I've been buried in PS all evening and into the WEE hours of this morning and am off to close my burning eyes for a few hours.

I am SO glad that you've been able to do some sight-seeing despite the rain! I did not realize that CHA does not start until Sunday. VERY cool! That surely gives you some time to adjust to the time difference and to get some GOOD rest!

I am SO happy you posted - you've been SORELY missed girlfriend!

Catch you on the FLIP-SIDE!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

Kim said...

I'm a tea and a diet coke drinker and you do get a headache when you don't get your caffine fix. If you can't get a cup of tea keep drinking coke instead til you get home. Hope you get over your jet lag by sunday Have a great time big hugs x.

Snowsmoon said...

HI, sweetie

I hope this finds you have a great time and get yourself some tea....I want to thank you so much for posting my preview here, I really appreciate all the support and love I get from our new found friendships around the world.

Enjoy your vacation and I will check on you tomorrow, I am off to see a live play called "Driving Miss Daisy". I am excited as I have never been to a play (except the ones for my kids in their school plays).


Ajila said...

Vicki, Just wanting to thank you for updating us on your trip. I've been so excited for you. Yes, your headache was probably, at least in part, due to no caffiene. But I'm sure the jet lag must be terrible. I'm sure you are having so much fun anyway. Way to go girl! Sorry about the rain. I live about 40 miles away from where you are and it's raining here too. Wish you could have come last week when it was so sunny and warm. Take care of your sweet self. Leaving you some love.

Stacey said...

I am soooooooooooooo jealous!!! Man I wish I would have been able to go! It sounds like you are having so much fun!!! (except for the jetlag) sorry about that!! It was sooo awesome talking to you today!!!!! Have tonz of fun today!!! (jealous here, REALLY)

charlie said...

I agree with Stacey..the green eyed monster is rearing its jaelous..golly and the longest ive been on a plane is from sydney to dont know how people do the long flights..especially to oz..22 hrs eek..have a wonderful time..wish i was there too!mwahhhh oh and get some

Candice S said...

OOOOH! I am sooooo glad you made it California safely! How cool is that, that you were able to be seated next to others who scrapbook! That's awesome!!! I am waiting so unpatiently for all of my favorite traditional scrap stores to start posting what they have, or what they've seen at CHA! I am not sure how it works in the world of Digital Scrapping because the last time CHA took place, I barely knew anything about digital scrapping. I had started dabbling in it a bit, but had no idea who HUGE the hobby was!

I know you'll have a blast! Are you going to have your own booth, or are you going to be at the SNA booth? I don't think I asked you that before!

I am so excited to see what you have in the works for us! Thanks for the heads up on the super fab freebie items as well as the new kit Sara has in her Ediou store. I am in love w/ her newest kit. I love the colors. Not sure if I will shop or not, but I might!!

I used to live in California for a few years when my husband's job relocated to Redondo Beach... we lived there for 4 1/2 years and my daughter was born there. I love California, but I am glad to be back home where I was born and raised!

You have yourself a blast, and please keep us posted on any good stuff! :-) I am guessing there must be lots of digital scrap companies there, right? Perhaps not!

Can't wait to hear from you again soon!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great links to this bunch of fabulous freebies!

Hope you catch up on your sleep! Enjoy your time at the convention, sounds like it will be great.

Sasa said...

LOL - I was wondering how you would be doing with the jet lag! You're doing good though, keep trying to stay with the new timezone - and keep drinking the caffeine; a caffeine headache along with jet lag is just too much to handle!

Can't wait to see what you have to say about CHA! Have fun!

Love you and GB!

tawyn said...

hahaha you should try Australia to Heathrow (24+hrs) then 7hrs on a train up to N.England.
Hope you enjoy CHA - have fun!!

Janice said...

Hi Vicki
It was lovely to meet you and sit with you on that long flight! Hope you enjoyed CHA as much as we did and look forward to chatting again soon.

Hope your flight home was as good as ours, we landed quite early!

Janice & Lorraine (ScrapaGoGo UK)

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