Friday, 2 January 2009

Lily's Garden add-on

I have good news and sad news for you today. The good news is that the wonderfully talented Sara has done an add-on to Lily's Garden and it's GORGEOUS! The sad news is that it is Sara's last add-on - she is really busy these days with her extra responsibility at Scrap N' Art and other ventures and she is finding it hard to keep up with me ;o). So, go get the add-on and remember to say thanks to Sara for all of the add-ons she has done. Don't worry, she will still be on my CT, so you will still be able to see her amazing LOs using my kits! So, without further ado - here is the preview to her kit and if you click it, you can go download! TTFN.


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Awwww, SWEET Sara, she ALWAYS does such a LOVELY job with her add-on's!!! And, YES, she is going to be ONE busy lady this month!!! *wink*

HELLO VICKI! I am still QUITE under the weather and it seems to have taken my head hostage, but no worries, I shall pay the ransom and be back to myself QUICKLY!!! I just wanted to stop in to greet you and then try to make some sense of my day with my congested head! ROFL!

I REALLY love what you've done with the revamping of Pompey and Lily's kits, they are QUITE lovely indeed!

Wishing you a WONDERFUL weekend and I hope you get some GOOD relaxation in there somewhere as well sweetie!

Lots of love and a GREAT big hug,
Linda :)

Simply Sarah said...

Vicki - such SAD news as her add-ons were enjoyable... but the best news is that you aren't stopping!

Stop the presses! After all this time of stalking you... I have finally used a kit... that is one of my goals... to use all your kits I have collected in my Project 365. If you want to check those LO's out then take yourself to my new blog for this project...

Dee in Oklahoma said...

Thank you so much...such beautiful colors...I love looking at it.

TerriM said...

Thanks for the lovely addon to a fantastic kit. And thanks for sharing your Xmas pics. Did DH actually eat the choco house? And all of it?? LOL. And your DD is such a sweet and cute little girl. Watch out for them boys when she grows up. Hope you all had a wonderful New Year. Hugs -- xoxo! (terri - hawaii)

Vicki said...

TerriM - I am a little confused by your comment ;o). I don't know about a choco house and I don't have a daughter, so I guess this comment was meant for someone else? LOL!

Rose said...

I clicked on the link, but it takes me to Sarah's page, and I don't see the add on....did I miss it somewhere?? Love the kit :)

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