Monday, 19 January 2009

P365 Day 19 and a freebie from Stacey

This is my second post - my new kit papers are below!

I have a new EHD!! Woo hoo! It's 250Gb so will be able to store lots more stuff!!! I thought I would take a photo of it for my Day 19 photo! Isn't it cute? It's a rugged one so that when I travel, it should be more robust!

And, Stacey has a new freebie kit for you called Wild Flowers. It's a really funky kit which I had great fun playing with. Here's my LO using it and below is the preview which is clickable to Stacey's blog!


Stacey said...

OHhhhhh I love your hard drive!!! I want one like that!!!!! love your LO!!!!

Penny S said...

Oh Vicki, I remember the thrill of getting a 250G EHD - I thought oh all that space, I'll never fill up. NOT! You guys are so prolific in designing stuff that i filled it up very quickly. So for Christmas I asked my DH for a 750G EHD to go with my 250G. Ah the thrill of all that room to collect more pictures and more scrapbook kits! Enjoy you extra space but don't forget the cardinal rule, back up and back up often!! :)

Caryn said...

What a cute EHD! Onto my wish list it goes ;)

Your LO is STUNNING! I actually wanted to reach out and touch it. Looks like it's a hybrid! Wow!

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