Sunday, 4 January 2009

P365 Day 4

So, my photo today was taken on my morning walk with the pups! It was a gorgeous morning - the ground was freezing and it was really quite bracing out there, but I love that, especially when I'm all bundled up with my big coat, hat and gloves! This morning we saw a pair of kingfishers and a woodpecker - it's a lovely spot to walk (remember the waterfall from Day 1)! The photo is a self portrait of me with my rosy cheeks near the end of the walk - a mixture of cold and brisk walking! (Excuse the double chin happening on this pic!! LOL!). See you tomorrow!


Jac said...

Great self portrait, your smile is infectious!

Cheryl said...

Great pic Vicki! and it does look like a beautiful place to walk.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...


Great pic sweetie and I am hoping to get my first week scrapped tonight - we SHALL see!!!

Such a LOVELY part of the globe you live in and your layout of Miss Lily is TOO sweet!

Hope to find you RESTFULLY sleeping love!


Lots of love and hugs,
Linda :)

Snowsmoon said...

WOW...I am behind...but I have taken the pic, just haven't post since I went to my sisters. I will post in the morning...catching up on laundry, nap, relaxing on my last day of vacation and the Holidays...time to get back to work and school...I just love your new kit (I have already purchased it and the Chocolate one too.. I love them, just have to save time next week to use them....HUGS and I love seeing your pic from your morning walks. Great job....BIG HUGS

Rose said...

you are such a kind spirit, I laugh becuase
A)you don't have a double chin
B)If I had a double chin showing in a picture you can guarantee I wouldn't post it with 166 followers!!! I love it

Stacey said...

ohhhhhhh cute picture!!!! I LOVE it!!

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