Tuesday, 6 January 2009

P365 Day 5

I took my photo for day 5 just before I went to bed! Yesterday was my first day back at work after the Christmas break. I work full time, so there is a whole week ahead of me and when I got out of bed this morning (or should I say dragged myself out), I could not be bothered to make the bed!! How lazy is that? So, this is a photo of my unmade bed with my PJs slung across it!! My Day 5 photo - this is a great project - I'll be able to look back on the year and really see what I've been doing! Now, if I had been doing this last year, sometime in April I would have had a photo of a couple of Llamas on the streets of Bristol to show you!! LOL! So, here's the photo - see you later with more "Fall Memories".


Kim said...

That's not very unmade! lol you should see mine.

makeyesup said...

boy, I wish my unmade bed looked that neat. It looks like you cuddle up on one side and don't move and then slither out in the morning.

Elay said...

That's a pretty neat-looking unmade bed! Mine used to look like that when I woke up. Then I got married to Mr "must flail about all night". Now every morning, it looks like pigs have been wrestling in it. Needless to say, making the bed is HIS job now!

txbubbles said...

What? Do you sleep on top of the covers? LOL!!!
Vicki in Texas

Stefanie said...

My comment is not very original, I see, but I was going to say: Is that an UNMADE bed?! =)
Our bed also look like pigs have been wrestling in it =) And might I add that I hardly ever make the bed in the morning. As soon as I get up I need to get myself and our two kids washed, dressed and fed. And while I'm busy with that, the other babies and toddlers already start arriving. So I just close the bedroom-door and in the evening we just crawl back into our pig-palace =)

Laurie said...

HaHa! I came her to say what everyone else said. I think you straightened it so the picture wouldn't look so bad :) I've never seen an neater "unmade" bed. My daughter's looks like that when it is made LOL

Marsie said...

Ha ha ha! My bed looks like that if my DH is away .. if he is home it looks like a hurricane has blown through!

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