Friday, 16 January 2009

P365 Days 15 & 16

Third post today - don't miss what's below!!!

OK, catching up from yesterday and today. Firstly we have the view from where Pompey, Lily and I walk at lunchtime - isn't it stunning? You can see the whole of Bristol city centre and beyond!

And here is a self portrait I took today with a lack of anything else to photograph! LOL! I did some colour adjustments on it to make it look a bit funky as it was taken indoors without a flash and was a bit iffy!!

Now, a question for you all! Kathy emailed me today to say that she's not been able to get to my links on 4shared since before Christmas. She first thought it was just busy, but it just can't be after this long! Anyone else having similar trouble? Can anyone offer a solution? If so, please leave a note in the comments so that we can try to help Kathy! Thanks! See you soon!


makeyesup said...

Don't know about anyone else; however, I use an AOL browser and can never get to your zip files. So I always have to open directly through IE and then have no problem. Once in awhile, this happens on other sites. It's usually only because of heavy traffic on the other sites.

Rose said...

I haven't had any troubles!! :)

13ILGal said...

No troubles on 4shared here, either.

Thanks so much for all your hard work. YOu are so talented!

Breeoxd said...

ive had tons of trouble with 4 shared lately- i feel it must have something to do with getting vista on the new laptop last month but since then I cant open in 4 shared wthout literally 15 - 20 tries per file. Ive tried talking to 4 shared and they cant seem to find an issue- trying to suck me into paying for a premium account to see if that works. I dunno if she has vista or not- id be curious to hear?

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Evenin' love!!! NO troubles for me either on downloading your zip files from 4-shared. Hmmmm ... wonder what might be the trouble for Kathy and is is just your files she has trouble with. Perhaps some sort of a security setting that she needs to override, not sure but frustrating for her nonetheless I am sure!

Oh Vicki, your Bristol is every bit as LOVELY as YOU dear! Great self-portrait!!! But, but, uhm .... hmmmmm .... WHERE, OH WHERE is the CLASSIC Vicki smile??? LOL!

Sending you LOTS of LOVE across the pond sweetie and THE DAY is approaching QUICKLY!!! WOO HOO! Kisses for the babies!

Linda *hearts*

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU - can anyone tell that I'm excited, if you can't hear my whoops of delight you can probably feel the ground shake as I jump around like an idiot. I can get your files!!!!

makeyesup - thank you, I am an AOL user and going via IE has given me the access I've been missing. I didn't think about trying that as I'd had no problem upto the 11 December.

Breeoxd - I have been using vista on my lap top for the past year and had no problem before 11/12 and now I'm going through IE I don't have a problem.

Vicki - you are so wonderful, not only to create these kits & give to us for free, but for spending the time today to try and help me get them. Thank you so very, very much. I now feel exceptionally greedy as I have just gone back and collected the 5 kits that I couldn't get at! Once more thank you for your talent, your time & your generosity, Kathy

Laramie said...

Vicki: I haven't had any trouble either with 4shared. I don't have Vista.

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Don't have a suggestion but I've been okay.

KrisG said...

I have no problems... but then I don't use AOL's browser (anymore) either. I noticed a long time ago that AOL doesn't like the download sites. IE or Firefox work MUCH BETTER!!!

Well, it's been about a week and I love love love all your photos!!! And your wonderful new freebie kit too! Thank you! I also wanted to let you know... hubby didn't approve my "new scrap budget", LOL.. BUT!!!!! I snuck in ALL your kits on my credit card and he never looks at THAT bill, hahaha. Now all I have to do is find some money in his pockets on laundry day. LOVE your kits and I'm so happy to have them ALL again! HUGS and have a great day

Simply Sarah said...

Love your pictures Vicki! I wish I had such beauty to see on a daily walk... amazing!

No issues with your links. Occasionally 4shared gets full, usually when there is a blog train or the digi world is all doing something big. I just go back later and it works.

Karen W said...

I've not had any issues with you links.

I love these photos - they will be a great addition to you Project 365

April said...

Great photos, fun concept with the camera. I am always behind mine so that is all people see of me . . .hahaha.
I use a Mozilla Firefox browser and haven't had problems with downloading from 4shared. Perhaps it is the browser or the settings on Kathy's own computer. Hope that helps.

Donna said...

Vicki - Your stuff is the best and I have never had a problem accessing it! Thanks again for everything. I have bought all of your kits (execpt the last one, but that is so new).

Anonymous said...

Vicki - Thanks for all the kits! I love your work. RE: 4shared, I have a problem downloading the kit IF I'm signed into 4shared. If I'm signed in, the only way I can get the files is to copy it to my 4shared acct, then DL to my HD, then delete from 4shared. However, If I'm not logged in to 4shared, they work just fine. HTH....

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