Sunday, 22 February 2009

Sneak peek of tomorrow's kit

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I am so busy right now, I haven't had much time for blogging, but I am around and I am designing!! LOL! I have a confession to make - I have given up on P365... With so much going on, I kept forgetting to do it and I think that defeats the purpose of taking a photo every day! LOL! I know, it's terrible - I lasted less than two months - shame on me!

So, I know you're all dying to know what's happening tomorrow! Well, I have done a collab with someone you will probably know well and who I know well! We have just never done a collab before now which is funny! OK, I won't keep you guessing - it's Stacey! Here's a sneak peek of the kit - check back tomorrow to start collecting! See you then xx


Stacey said...

Yay!!! so excited!!!!!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hi sweetheart! How FUNNY you should mention giving up on P365! I have photos for EVERY day, but just have not had time with all that has been going on to post them, let alone create layouts! HA! I may jimmy it up a bit and just start fresh and then catch up on the past month or so as I am able.

WOO HOO for you and Stacey!!! 'Bout time girlfriend!!! He, he ...

I still need to catch up on your last collaboration with Nicole and then prepare for your new one!

Thank you SOOOOOO much for ALL that you do and for your CONTINUED generosity to ALL of us in SCRAPLAND!

Have a FANTABULOUS week ahead love!


Linda :)

charlie said...

looking forward to the release of this cutie gals rock with this about the 365..i know its a struggle to remember..actually i havent posted week 7..gee thanks for the

Certified Scrapaholic said...

Can't wait to see this beauty!

Lauren said...

Given up on P365? Oh the SHAME!!!

Haha, I can't talk, I make a mental note to take said picture every day and sometimes I "go back" and take two and three days worth and sometimes (like my sister's 21st birthday) it was just a martini glass clipart instead of an actual picture. I know what yesterday's pictures should be, but I have NO ideas what today's is going to be.

BUT it does make me think "how was today different than yesterday?" so that's kinda good...

That kit looks WONDERFUL, can't wait to see it!

Michele said...

lol..I totally understand about giving up on the P365. I actually never started for that very fact that I just KNEW I would never remember to do it EVERY day! Plus who wants pics of just dumb stuff??? lol I don't want to take a pic just to take a pic. I did 12 pics on the 12th of each month last year and that was hard enough. This year I decided to just do 12 pics for each month of what was most important during that month. So we'll see how that goes for this year! lol

Can't wait for the new collab! Very cool looking!

Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...

WOW! Looks great ladies, I cant wait either:) Looking forward to catching up Vicki:)

Hugs Angie xox

Simply Sarah said...

VICKI!!!! NO... DONT GIVE UP YET!.... You just do the best you can and that's that! So what if you only have 300 pictures at the end of the year!! It is still more daily reminder pictures than you would have, right! I try to keep my camera next to me all day and sometimes right before bed I realize I didnt get a pic, but oh well... What is it gonna look like if I have 50 pictures of my socks? I just do what I can.

As for scrapping those... I need to do that or I might never get those caught up!

Can't wait to see the new kit! I am sure it will be awesome.

Jewel Goodwin said...

lovely photos - thank you!

Jewel Goodwin said...

what - why I said photos - I meant papers ... *headdesk*

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