Thursday, 19 February 2009

Spirit of Summer Charity Collaboration

Spirit of Summer is a charity collab benefiting the Victorian bushfire Appeal. Not only has this affected Australians, but human beings the world over. 34 Australian and international designers have banded together to help support many Australians, animals and communities decimated by one of Australia's worst national disasters.

What happened? On Saturday, Feb 7, the temperature in Melbourne was 33'c by 9am. By noon it was 40'c and by 2.50pm soared to 47.9'c (a state record). Thousands of people were also about to start running from the inferno that would become one of Australia's worst peacetime disasters. Trees ignited in the blink of an eye. By the time people heard the roar, it was too late to flee ahead of the flames. Unfortunatly no one, or thing, could have stopped this inferno that wiped out communities, bushland, and lives within minutes. Many towns now cease to exist! After watching interviews with survivors, many say that they can't put into words what they went through, saw or felt on that day. Here are just a few pictures (courtesy of google, the age, sbs & abc Aust.) of this horrible disaster:

Why is this charity kit different? No money will change hands at Scrap N Tag (our host website). We are asking for your support by donating DIRECTLY to one of the following charities:

Donations can be made here: The salvation Army or here: Australian Red Cross

What do I get for my donation and where? You will be helping the people of Victoria, Australia most importantly, but you will also receive this amazing MEGA kit (see below). There are 167 papers, 326 elements, 2 Alphas and a glitter syles pack as well. How amazingly fabulous is that and you can receive all of this for as little as a $5.00 donation. (**Vouchers will be emailed upon receipt of proof of Donation**)

But that's not all! For showing us how much you all really care, you not only get the MEGA kit but receive a Quickpage Album if you donate over $10.00...WOW how awsome is that!

To receive your Charity collab go here at Scrap N Tag (** Don't forget your receipt of donation**)

Donated! Wear your blinkie proadly: (made by Michelle Filo)

I want to personally thank those involved in the creation of this MEGA kit? Dont we all! 34 ladies have done an amazing job planning, creating, collating and advertising for this Charity appeal! Below is a list of blogs with the names of these 34 people. Please leave some love for them all to let them know how appreciated their efforts have been.

A work in Progress - designs by Vicki
Ambowife Designs
Carjazi Designs
Carolyn Kite - Co-Owner of Scrap N Tag
Chaos Lounge
Charlie's Digiscraps
Color with Caryn
Desert Designs
DigiLover's Addiction
Emcee Scraps
Gillian Foley - owner of Snap & Scrap
HoleyCow Designs
Jeanette Bollinger Designs
KimB's Designs
KylieM Designs
Lindsay Jane Designs
Mel_h Designs
Piggyscraps Designs
SKrapper Digitals
Scrap'it Designs
Scrappin happens/Julie C Designs
Shazbutt's Digi Scrapz
Sweet Blossom Designs
WenchdGrafix Designs
Zesty Digi Designs
Scrapidea Timkova
Toni Autrey Designs
PST Designs
Designs by Aliya

Personally, I would like to thank Vicki and Shaz for organising this wonderful collab and to Carolyn for hosting this at her website, collating and doing the previews. You have done an amazing job ladies. Also to my fellow designers, without your generosity this Charity Kit would never have happened...well done!

Here is my part of the collab - there are many, many other parts to see around scrapland - just take a look at the other links!


LouCeeCreations said...

Thank you for your part of this beautiful collab, it is so nice to see that all the money shall go straight to the cause.

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here all blubbery with emotion at the extrodinary kindness of all the designers taking part.

I do hope everyone gets behind you for this great cause.

From an Aussie, thanks you from the bottom of my heart. MWAH!

Anonymous said...

I think the donations where you actually get something in return are, although not quite charity, the most effective ways for charities to raise money. for example, you can buy a charity single by Dec from Ant and Dec for not much, but most of it goes to charity. You get something for your money, and the charities get a little bit of cash too.. Have a look:

Cheryl said...

Look for my donation! My heart goes out to each and every person, plant and animal affected by this tragic event. Hugs to you Vicki for being a part of this compassionate collaboration.

Andrea said...

Thanks for sharing the link with us Vicki. I used to live in Australia so it breaks my heart to see this.. I am in Canada now but will always remember my time in Australia. I have donated and passed on the links to others....

Stacey said...

wow that is so cool!! I wonder why I never got the information sent to me? Looks like it turned out gorgeous though!!!

Anonymous said...

Just poppin' in to say a huge thanks Vicki for joining us and for your fantastic contribution!!

Anonymous said...

holy moly! That is awful! I sent you an email Vicki. Those pictures are amazing..what a disaster. Great idea to donate and contribute to such great causes. hugs! SondaT

Rose said...

this was such a great idea, I got the kit and the QP's and can't wait to put them to use! Thanks for lending your talent to such a great cause :)

Rose said...

I also wanted to let you know I tagged you in the sixth picture challenge on my blog, with a link to yours :)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Vicki love, I am SO glad to see that you have participated in this MOST incredible act of kindness and love to, as I told Kim B., one of my MOST favorite places on earth!

With all on my plate these past several weeks, I could barely look at the appeal to designers for help in contributing to this MAGNIFICENT collaboration of scrapping delights!

I will be making my way over to donate over the weekend as I am just back at the computer. I am still up for Sunday if you are!!! I MISS YOU! *big grin*

Will try to catch up with the rest of you this weekend too. LOVE you collab with Nicole - SO bright, cheerful and UPLIFTING!

Love to you sweetie and a BIG hug,
Linda :)

mommy tin said...

this has got to be one of the most beautiful collab kits i've seen. im downloading my links now.. yay!!

Melissa said...

Bravo! Australia is my second home; I am so grateful to the talent you all have and your willingness to share it for such a great cause.

Cindy said...

Vicki, as an australian, I must admit i was a bit shocked to see such warm support from someone outside this country. Although I live nowhere near Victoria, nor know anyone involved, the disaster has hit all of us deeply. The devastation is huge. I have personally done my bit by donating money and also near-completed LOs which are being compiled into albums for each family that lost a home. They can then start again to record their family memories. From an Aussie, thank you for your support and generosity

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