Monday, 9 March 2009

Freebies everywhere!!

This is my second post today, if you are looking for my latest freebie, see the previous post... For now, I want to tell you about some other goodies out there in scrapland!

First up, Stacey has a collab this week with Nicole and it's a gorgeous girly kit which you'll love - here is what I did with it and below that are the previews that will take you to Stacey's blog to collect her part - and to Nicole's blog to get her part! I must tell you the story about my LO though.... Those of you who have followed my blog for a while may remember that one day Lily decided that playing with a bee in her mouth might be a good idea! Needless to say, it wasn't and she ended up looking like a sharpei rather than a labrador!! The funniest part of it was that on that day I had a freebie on my blog and instead of picking up the freebie preview, Digifree picked up the image of Lily. Oh how I laughed at that!!! LOL! Anyway, just wanted to explain!

And also, Mel has done a collab with Charlie which is also just delicious!! Here's my LO and below that the preview to both parts which will take you direct to the girls blogs for downloading. So, that is all of the Scrap That Idea girls giving you freebies this week - be sure to support us by checking out our store ;0). Thank you!!


Marif said...

Love the picture of Lily. Our dachshund Schatzie once had an allergic reaction and looked like a Saint Bernard puppy!
And thanks to all the Scrap That Idea team for all the freebies...

charlie said... goodness its freebie overload in digiland..glad scrap that idea is going so well lovely soon!

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