Thursday, 12 March 2009

I have my data back!

Well, you will all be pleased to know that I got all my data back!! I had a bit of a heart attack yesterday - I was already poorly and didn't work, but toward the end of the day, I decided to take drastic action with my work computer and take a whole load of data off to see if that was what was slowing it down. I transferred it all to my brand new EHD and deleted it from the computer. I did a restart and cleared the trash etc and it wasn't any better. So, I plugged in the EHD to recover the data and I got the dreaded message "this drive is not recognised"!!! HELP! Most of the data was work stuff which is awful, but there were also about 6 weeks of photos on there (including the LA photos). So, I googled and came across some fantastic software for my Mac called Data Rescue II and guess what? I have ALL the data back!! Woo Hoo!!! Lesson learned - never only have data in one place (which of course I already knew), even if only for an hour!!

Also, my head is much better today - thank goodness!!


txbubbles said...

Yay! Doin' the happy dance for 'ya!!!
Vicki in Texas

Gail said...

That's great news! So glad it worked!

Grammadiane said...

Sooo Glad you are back at Full Speed Dear.....Those little glitches can be such a pain...LOL......

Nancy said...

I hate when that hapen!! Last year something like that hapen to me, the only thing that was ALLL my computer, it wouldn´t start, fortunately I alwas have a back of. My husband always remind me to save my files every night. But you most be relieve, to have all your filies!!! I´m so glad
(In Spanish so you can start learning some, jaja...)
...Odio cuando esto pasa!! El año paso algo por el estilo me paso, lo unico es que fue toda mi computadora, no prendia, afortunadamente siempre guardo una copia de mis archivos. Mi esposo siempre me recuerda que guarde mis archivos todas las noches. Pero te debes de sentir aliviada de tener todos tus archivos!! Estoy muy contenta por ti.

charlie said...

So glad Vicki!

La Scrapping Mad-ison said...

All the more reason why my husband's trying to get me to switch from pc to mac.

Over the summer, I downloaded an illegal version of a certain photo editing software that's mainly used for scrapping (I won't say which one :) ) and it deleted the partitions on my hard drive. In English, the data was THERE but the hard drive didn't know which room of the house it was in and didn't know it was a house/hard drive. ... I HIGHLY recommend a program called Gparted (google it) to anyone who owns a PC, it saved EVERYTHING on my HD (including pictures of my son at a few days old)... I now have an EHD that I LOVE and wouldn't trade for the world.

One of these days, I'm converting to mac completely, when I get my photo studio, hubby won't let a pc in it :)

I'm signing up for that newsletter in just a bit!!

ltnbrn said...

Ugh....computers are GREAT--until they stop working!

I've had a few of these "Oh no!" moments with my computer, too. It's always such a relief when things get fixed.

Marci said...

Hooray! You're so lucky you got everything back!

Denise said...

Glad you are feeling better and that your computer woes are over.

Have a good weekend.

Looking forward to Sunday's Edition from Scrap That Idea.

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