Thursday, 5 March 2009

I need a new CT member....!

It's a very sad day - I am losing one of my original CT members....

Charlie is a VERY busy lady and a designing machine and needs to free up some precious time and so has taken the decision to resign. I totally understand her decision - as a designer, I know it's hard work to keep up with all of these demands on our time ;)

So, that means I have a spot on my team which I need to fill!!

My requirements are as follows:

1. There will be one freebie kit a week (I hope) for LOs - I am happy for you to miss some occasionally because I know life gets in the way
2. There will be at least one store kit a month (hopefully two) - for these I would really like you to work with every one as selling these kits helps me to pay for CU stuff for the freebies!! LOL! I will give you at least a week for store kits at all times.
3. I have a CT forum so that we can chat to each other and I can share the links to my kits too - all CT members need to sign up to that.
4. I also like CT members to upload LOs using my kits to the store gallery so that people who buy from the store can see what you've done (
5. I'd like you to plug my kits on your blogs when they're released (if you have a blog)
6. If you use other galleries, I'd love you to put your LOs using my store kits in them and credit me so that others can find them!

That's it - quite simple. In return, you get to have each and every one of my kits for free!

So, what do I need to see from everyone? Well, two LOs using any of my kits - freebies or store kits and two of your all time favourite LOs using any kit. If you have a gallery, please send me a link and if you have a blog, please send that link too.

One more thing is that I am looking for someone who is a LO queen - ie, not a designer, someone who focuses purely on LOs. The reason for this is that I know how much time designing takes and although those of my existing team who also design handle it really, really well, I just wanted to have someone who is just all about the LOs!!

OK, that's it for now - thanks for reading this and I can't wait to see your stuff. Send your applications to vicki(dot)parker20(at)gmail(dot)com. Deadline for applications is Friday 13th March - you have just over a week!


Marif said...

OMG, omg, omg, omg!
You're going to be flooded with e-mails, but you can be sure to receive one from me...
I'll give it some thinking first, to try to pick layouts as well as I can...
Oh, what I would give to be on your CT (maybe not my son or my dog, but I'll consider giving you my husband I think).

Nancy said...

A LOVE TO BE IN YOUR CT!!!! This can be a great oportunity to work with someone so talent, Omg... I will give you all my effort, especially with my english!!!

Jami said...

Cool new header! Looks good!

charlie said...

Good luck hun with the call and thanks for all the fantastic memories.. and dont worry I will be back with a few layouts in my sparetime ;) hehehe

Snowsmoon said...

I girlfriend, I see you are losing an awesome layout artist and I totally understand your feelings about wanting someone that will focus on creating layouts. I so wanted this a few months ago. I am finding that most of the time the two don't mix too well. But it was so much fun working with you gals and your awesome designs. Its funny because I rarely work with my own kits, but love the challenge of working with other. Good luck in finding a new member and I can't wait to see what you have for us next.

I also wanted to let you know if I am not around much in the next few weeks, I have finally got my creative juices flowing again and I have been a busy bee trying to get some new kits in my store so that maybe I can earn some money to get some new Commercial stuff.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your very sweet comment. I love post and helping you gals out when I can. You four make an awesome team and am excited for what you have started and got going for you.

Have a super weekend and I will be by soon.
Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Design.

April E. :) said...

Wow...Charlie will def be missed. What an AWESOME opporunity!! I will totally get my stuff together and apply!!! Thanks!

Simply Sarah said...

wow, what an awesome opportunity! One that I have dreamed of since I found your blog last year... hmmm, but do I have the time?

Good luck and I love the new blog look.

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