Saturday, 14 March 2009

A Lily update and a sneak peek

Lily is much better today - she is not back to normal fully, but she's much, much brighter. We went to the vet this morning and she has some pain killers and antibiotics for 4 days just to make sure she will be ok, but we should be done! The vet is pretty sure that she has a neck strain. You would not even believe that she was in so much pain yesterday by looking at her today! LOL!

So, for today, I have a sneak peek of my latest collab with the lovely Mel which will start on Monday! I know, I know, you all love our collabs and we said we'd do one a month, so now is the time! This is my third post for today, so be sure to check out my new store kit and freebie in the post below - you're going to love it!


Marif said...

So glad Lily is better!
The freebie looks great too...

KrisG said...

I'm glad to hear your baby is starting to feel better! It breaks my heart to heart them cry! Oh and THANK you for the "Boys" addon! I'm on my way to the store to pick up the kit as soon as I find my coupon, woohoo!!! Have a great weekend! Can't wait to see the awesome new kit on Monday.

Confessions of a Modern June said...

glad to hear lilly is feeling better...the sneak peak looks really exciting!

craftychic said...

I'm so very happy to hear Lilly is better!

Gulffire said...

Excellent news on Lily. I am so glad Herself is feeling better.

Sue said...

Glad she's on the mend - thanks for the add-on.

Ajila said...

I am so glad to hear that Lily's feeling better. I know it must make your heart glad. Also, I'm really excited about the collab. The preview looks awesome. I love it so much when you girls team up like this. TY & LYSL.

Joelle said...

Oh poor lily, I am glad she is feeling better.

So~Inkin~Cute said...


It's been a few days since I have been to your blog! Gosh, usually I am stalking it each day!!! LOL!

I am so glad to hear that Lily is feeling better. That photo you have of her is just priceless...poor baby girl! I have two German Shepherds and one of them gets ear infections a few times per year and it always makes me so sad.

Thank you soooooooo much for the Boys of Summer add-on. Wow! That kit is awesome! I love the colors so much and the name is just so perfect! Awesome job, girl!

I am sooo exicited about the new kit that you and Mel are releasing this week. I know it'll be soooo awesome! The preview looks beautiful, but I don't need a preview to know how fabulous it'll be. Anything with AWP & mel_h is going to be smashing! :-)

Talk to you soon!

ltnbrn said...

I'm glad that your dog is doing better. It's hard to see our little creatures in pain or when they are sick...whether pets or kids!

We have 3 cats and they have all had their share of medical issues at one time or another. It's stressful!

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