Saturday, 7 March 2009

A sneak peek

Well, on Monday a new freebie collab kit with Sara will start! I wanted to let you see a sneak peek of it (I am so evil, I know).... But, I also wanted to remind you to sign up to our mailing list at Scrap That Idea, so that you don't miss all the news and the freebie that will be in it! Thanks to everyone who has signed up already and thank you to everyone who is supporting our store and buying our kits, it means so very much to us and we really appreciate it. Check back on Monday for the new kit....


La Scrapping Mad-ison said...


If it's music related, I'm game. My husband's a musician and my 5 year old's trying to be (scary thing is that it's not that bad!)

I'll definitely be stopping by when I get off work on Monday!


Marif said...

I see a guitar! My hubby is a guitar player as well, so that sounds great!
Can't wait to see the whole thing!

Jeff said...

Music with COLOR! - Way Cool! My son plays in a band in school and it is so hard to find kits to use for his concerts. I am looking foward to this. I always look foward to your work!

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