Friday, 27 March 2009


I've not been very good at giving you updates on what's happening outside of scrapping recently - most importantly, with Pompey and Lily! Well, Lily made a full recovery from her neck strain and is now back to her normal, hyperactive self! Pompey had trouble with a tooth which he chipped a few years ago and it seemed to get a little infected. A dose of antibiotics and all is fine with him! Pompey is starting to turn into a typical lab - he loves nothing more than sleeping on the sofa (when he's not eating or walking). Very lazy, but very comforting - he doesn't even mind a cuddle now and then - he used to always turn his nose up at any such affection! LOL! Lily still loves cuddling lots, but I've noticed that she appears to follow hubby around now, rather than me. I think I upset her when I went to LA, so I have some making up to do!! We just got back from a walk and they wandered off and lost me. I noticed that when I found them, it was Lily who was the most stressed out - she came running over to me immediately, whereas Pompey plodded over to me at a slow pace as if to say "where have you been - I was here the whole time"!!

So, me personally, I've been busy with work and designing - both full time jobs!! LOL! This weekend, hubby and are are emptying our loft so that we can do a mini-conversion. Not a full conversion, just enough for a little craft room. A couple of velux windows, insulate, board and plaster. Then I'll have a desk up there so that I can leave all my supplies out and not have to put them away all the time - something I am really bad at and so tend not to get them out in the first place because of it!! LOL! As there is only a ladder to the loft, Pompey and Lily won't be able to come up and get covered in glitter - shame!

We also have hubby's Mum for lunch on Sunday - a late Mother's Day get together. So, that doesn't leave much time for designing or scrapping...! But, you'll be pleased to know there is a new kit for the store to be released on Sunday and a new freebie collab on Monday. You'll be excited when you hear who with and see the kit, I'm sure!  Hubby is going out with the boys tonight - the hubbies of the girls I went out with a couple of weeks ago. So, I will have some computer time all to myself tonight - woo hoo!

Anything else? Let me see..... I don't think so, but I'll take this opportunity to remind you about The Land of Make Believe which you can pick up in store for just $4 {insert big smile}!!


Snowsmoon said...

AWESOME for the update sweetie. I know you have been busy, posting your little heart out....Love ya. Check out my blog. I understand if you don't have time for this but I wanted you to know how much I care.

Blogger Award for you...


Marif said...

Thanks for the little update. It's fun to hear what's happening with you your hubby and the furry ones.
Marie-France xo

Stacey said...

thanks for the update girl!! We don't talk about much more than scrappin stuff lately, do we? lol

Cheryl said...

Thanks for update! I love reading about Lilly and Pompey :-) Sounds like you have a busy weekend. I hope the room conversion goes smoothly and you have a wonderful luncheon with your mil! Have a great weekend! (((Hugs)))

makeyesup said...

Glad to hear that both your babies are now back to themselves and no more pain. Super idea to have your craft room in a loft. Now don't let hubby teach them how to climb stairs.

Anonymous said...

How nice to "hear" your daily news, Vicki. Glad to hear your fur babies are well - especially poor Lily.
Sounds like you have a full plate...that means life is good!

Hope hubby has a great night out, and you enjoy your solitude before all the activity begins. Be well :-)

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