Thursday, 9 April 2009

TOU clarification

I wanted to clarify something today with regard to my TOUs. Although I don't allow commercial use of any kind (without a license), I have no objection to anyone scrapping LOs for their friends if what they are supplying is a flattened image or a printed page and they are not charging them. Scrapping for friends for no financial gain with my creations is cool with me! Just wanted to clarify that for anyone who wondered ;).


karen said...

I love your designs so I put them on my site to link to yours. I don't sell anything. Is that ok?

Anonymous said...

Thank You for clarifying.
I read one TOU where I was to use it only for myself and it clearly stated that if I was to give my printed page to family then I'd have to purchase a license. I never sell anything and scrap for myself but I always have my family in mind and print out duplicates or whole books for my family. (of the layouts that I like and think they'll like) Needless to say I never downloaded another freebie or even considered purchasing anything from that designer. (I delete anything that I have that I may mistakenly not follow the tou)

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