Friday, 22 May 2009

General chit chat!!

So, what is everyone doing this weekend? It's a public holiday in England on Monday, so we have a long weekend! woo hoo! Hubby is going away with the boys to watch Portsmouth play in their last match of the season, so I am home alone with Pompey and Lily! Apparently, the weather is going to be GORGEOUS, so I think a few countryside walks are in order for the three of us. We were originally intending to have a barbeque this weekend and it would have been perfect weather, but hubby got his weekends mixed up and we are having it next weekend instead which means it will probably rain then!! We'll have a house full next weekend and then the weekend after, I am going for my scrapping retreat - BLISS!

I'll be back later to tell you about a challenge Stacey is running and expect my first newsletter in your inboxes tomorrow if you have signed up!! TTFN.


Jac said...

Enjoy your weekend with Pompey & Lily Vicki, sounds heaven unfortunately I'm working, the early shift both days but I do have Monday off and I'm waiting for my new netbook to arrive so that I can get that up and running! Take care x

txbubbles said...

It's Memorial Day here on Monday, so I'm going to enjoy the long weekend and try and get some scrappin' done!
Have a super weekend!
Big hugs,
Vicki in Texas

Marif said...

Enjoy your puppies and the weather!
It looks like it will be nice here too, so we'll try to walk our puppy.
Other than that, I have some scrapping to do (Hula Girl duty for Scrapable).
Can't wait to see the newsletter!

Sunny said...

Enjoy your weekend and your weather. We are going to the mountains and hike a beautiful waterfall. Weather is suppose to be awesome there too.

Lizzy said...

Nothing much planned. I'll be a football widow on Sunday while DH watches the Arsenal game, so I hope it's not raining - makes it easier to entertain the kids! Enjoy your walks :)

ltnbrn said...

Sounds like a nice weekend for you. Not much on my agenda. My husband left last week for six months (deployed to Afghanistan) it will be my daughter and me. May look to see what's going on in the community. It's important to get out of the house!

Denise said...

We almost have the same weekend. My hubby is in Daytona Beach, FL for the long weekend and I am home alone with Skippy. We just got back from a walk. Hope you enjoy your alone time...I will! You can get soooo much done!!!!

Rose said...

No long weekend in Canada, we have a birthday party to attend tomorrow, and I'm hoping to get my flower beds and pots planted, now that the snow has gone (for good hopefully this time!) Enjoy your weekend :)

Susie2shoes said...

Hi Vicki

I hope your weekend turned out as you hoped, sorry Pompey didn't win and then Hubby would be really happy. We sort of support Chelsea in this household. My daughter's boyfriend, my brother in law and my nephew are avid Chelsea supporters, so we've just sort of tagged on. I haven't blogger for ages, I've been most uninspired of late.

I love all of your beautiful designs, I hope your shop is doing well.

Big hugs

Sasa said...

Hey Sweetie!

Hope you had a heavenly weekend! Love the "chit chat" - thanks for sharing!!


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