Thursday, 21 May 2009


My first newsletter is almost ready and will be sent on Saturday or Sunday, so be sure to sign up before then. I can tell you there is a special offer in my store for subscribers only and info (including a full preview) on a new freebie starting on Monday ;).

Also, Stacey's alpha for 2 by 2 is ready today - it's really funky and goes so well with the rest of the kit - check it out on her blog by clicking the preview.


Snowsmoon said...

Good morning sweetie

I am all signed up and can't wait to read your first issue. Have been a little under the weather but wanted to stop by to say Hello and how much I miss you guys. I still have a couple more weeks of family stuff on the weekends but after so I promise we will have to have a good ole chat!

Hugs and Kisses from across the pond
Dawn aka Snowsmoon

Marif said...

All signed up and excited about it!

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