Tuesday, 9 June 2009

GoGo Getaway

So, I promised to tell more about the retreat I went on this past weekend and show you my projects, so here goes!

It was a whole weekend of scrapping - paper scrapping!! I did not do any digi scrapping all weekend believe it or not! I did start to miss it by Sunday though ;). I grabbed a lift on Friday lunchtime with Claire who lives in Cardiff - she passes through Bristol and offered to drive. Thanks Claire - you're a star! We stayed the whole weekend and scrapped and scrapped and scrapped and I made lots of new friends - it was great!

I do some hybrid pieces for ScrapaGoGo and so I was around to chat to people about using png files to their full ability for hybrid and there are plenty of paper scrappers who are interested in this world we call digital scrapping!

So, to the projects. On Friday evening we had a make and take - some gorgeous doodled frames by SJ. I decided to make a card with this - and add a glitter coloured riff raff coffee cup to it as a birthday card for Ella. What do you think?

The first class I did on Saturday was with Jane Dean - I haven't quite finished it yet - I've not done any journalling because I am really bad at it. However, I am really pleased with how it turned out and I absolutely adore the house kraft paper. I decided to include a pun in the title which only scrappers will understand!! LOL!

The second class was my favourite of the weekend with Fiona Beckman. I had pre-chosen photos for the class and I realised as soon as I saw the layout that Fiona had made as an example, that I had chosen perfectly! Take a look at the gorgeous pompey framed by those luscious papers!

The final class of Saturday was with Shimelle and it was a BIG one!! My very first mini book! I scrapped our photos from Portugal in 2007 and I am really pleased with the overall effect - there is even stitching on it - I've never done that before either!

On Sunday, my workshop was with Fiona and we were trying new techniques for me - flocking, embossing, painting. I have to say that embossing is not for me - I almost set fire to the room!! LOL! I am really pleased with how my layout tuned out though - the colours are fantastic! Again, I've not done the journalling yet!! LOL!

Finally, I made my own mini-book project after Ann made one for herself. She made a gorgeous green apple shaped book as we were in the green "apple" team. I loved it so much I made my own slightly revised version. I decided to make it look more like the apple mac logo which made it more "me"! I have not finished it yet as I am waiting for the DVD of photos from the weekend to print out and put in. I will post it again when it's done if you can be patient ;)

OK, that's it for show and tell - see you tomorrow ;)


Jac said...

Wowsers Vicki I am so impressed at how much you acheived at the weekend and it all looks so impressive, just love your apple mac book! and your Kraft Space lo, really unusual but so effective. Makes me think I should get a bit more paper scrapping done too. TFS all your hard work. xx

charlie said...

wow Vick they are all talented are you! Gorgeous work Vicki!

Rachelle said...

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nie said...

those are sooo gorgeous I have to say!
Where is the workshop, Vicki? I live in Liverpool, it sounds so fun... I never paper-scrapped before and only started digi-scrapping several months ago...

Claire said...

Fab work Vicki! Great to meet you, seriously it was no problem about the lift! See you in September for more GoGo fun :)

Candy Rosenberg said...

Hey girlie, where do I begin! First of all, this totally brought a tear to my eye, first because I miss you terribly and second at how proud I am of you. Now I want to know how you got so much PAPER scrappin done in a weekend, like I am lucky to get two layouts done! You are a paper scrapper, yahoo!

And you did absolutely beautiful work! I am so very impressed and it makes my heart leap!

Love ya and miss ya!

Judy said...

Wow the weekend away sounded like it was a blast.
Absolutely love the apple book you created, interested to see it again when you have put your photos in.
Makes me want to get out all my paper supplies.....nah second thoughts .....too messy.

.charity. said...

Wow! Those are fabulous!!

ltnbrn said...

Glad you had such a nice weekend. Your creations are great!

Scrappy Bug said...


Marif said...

Awesome work, all the projects are gorgeous. And as a Mac user myself, I LOVE the little green apple book!

Stacey said...

GORGEOUS!!! You totally rock girl!!!

Sue said...

I love what you did. Sounds like a fun weekend.

April said...

Cool, You did a great job and it sounds like you had a great time. You are very talented. I love the little house paper.

Carole N. said...

Oh my gosh, my gosh, Vicki. I LOVE all your gorgeous creations from the weekend. I would so LOVE to attend a workshop, but sadly nobody in SW Kansas seems to care much about scrapbooking....except for me. ROFLOL Maybe I should say there aren't any workshops to speak of.

I love all your creations, but the layout...You nose eye love you just made me giggle. So cute and I love the play on words...along with your Kraft room, too. LOL I love the papers you worked with. Now I am so green with envy (as in green apple).

THANK YOU so very much for sharing with us. What a fun time I had viewing and reading about your fun weekend.


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