Friday, 3 July 2009

Just me!

Today's post is just about me and my life!! LOL! I haven't done an update for a while, so here goes....

Lily hasn't had another seizure since we saw the vet, so things are really good there. She is her usually happy self, so fingers crossed she will stay seizure free for a long time!

Pompey is EXACTLY the same. He is a slow boy, except when he's chasing his ball. When I put them in the car to take them to a nearby park, Lily sprints to the car and launches herself in, Pompey on the other hand, ambles slowly to the car and puts in one foot at a time and heaves himself up!! LOL - he is so funny to watch and they are sooooo different to each other. Oh and Candi asked what breed they are - they're both labradors ;).

Hubby has been really busy and has now re-plastered the walls in the hall, stairway and landing (we had awful artex there, but it's gone!) and we have ordered our reproduction Victorian fireplaces for the living room and bedroom, so that's his next job!

I have been stressy the last few days - I think it's because of the weather. We are experiencing really hot weather right now and it's so humid and is making me cranky! On Tuesday, it went up to 36 degrees celsius in my garden (about 102 degrees farenheit) and 26 degrees in my house (82) - that is very hot for England and we don't have air conditioning in houses, because we don't usually need it! I am hoping that this weekend will chill me out. We are going to stay with friends and having a barbeque. Pompey and Lily are coming too, so they are set to be spoiled rotten for two days!! I've not been designing for more than a week now, so I really need to have a break from the computer in the hope that inspiration will come!! Luckily, I am a couple of weeks ahead of myself or else, I'd be really panicking now!! LOL!

So that's what's happening here - I'd love to hear what's been going on in your lives! Big hugs xxx


Scrappy Bug said...

I saw the "heat wave" report on the news! I laughed, as a friend left Australia to live in England coz its so much cooler there!!! :)

Glad Lily is ok. Hope the seizure thing has passed.

kelly said...

Good to hear your updates! I live in Fresno California and the summers here are atrocious so we do have AC but it costs an arm and a leg if I run it as I please, so most of the time our house temp is at 82 unless I just can't take it and I put it at 79. I'd really like it at about 70!

Rose said...

I imagine it's hard to be constantly creative. We all need to take time out to smell the roses sometimes! Enjoy your bbq :)

April said...

Have a good time with your friend. You deserve a break. I am an American who now lives in Canada so I get two holidays in the same week . . . woohoo!!! Sorry about the heat wave. We had been having a hard time just getting warm up here but we hear there is a heat wave coming this week. I have been in England when the heat was that hot. It is brutal so I understand . . . stay cool!!!! Take care!

Becky Roy said...

Thanks for the bling alpha with your newsletter - I love bling! Stay cool!

makeyesup said...

Glad to hear that Lily is doing good. Have a great weekend.

Marif said...

Glad Lily is okay and seizure free!
Like April said, the weather hasn't been great here. Yesterday was what I call "British weather": 12 degrees and some drizzling rain where it feels more like the air around you is wet than rain falling down ;)
I hope you're enjoying your week-end!

Ajila said...

As always enjoyed the antics in the lives of Lily & Pompey. In my minds eye I can almost see them getting in the car.

Wow, with the temperatures you've been having not a wonder your feeling stressed. I live where it's often hot in the summer, So. California. But those temperatures are even hot for me.

Being on the computer when it's that hot is a drag. Actually it's already almost too warm for me. We just have a swamp cooler for the main part of our house. Our bedroom has a small air conditioner though and I use it on the days like you were describing. Okay, enough rambling out of me. Love you!...mwah

Susie2shoes said...

Hi Vicki Long time, no hear ... from me that is. Been lurching from one family drama to another but hopefully it's started to settle down. Ha ha guess what I did AGAIN last week. I ran over my daughter's handbag, which had her phone and camera in, whoops! That's the second time I've done this, only last time I caused about £1000 of damage because of glasses, makeup, perfume, phone, luggage!

Good to hear you are having a bit of time out this weekend with friends. And lovely Lily and Pompey are going to, yeah! Poor Lily, I hope she never has another funny turn ever. I simply love how Pompey takes life so slow. What a cool dog.

Yep the temperature has been horrid. I was almost tempted to sleep in my chalet, as it was so hot up in the bedrooms at night. I didn't though 'cus I was scared I would have to cross the garden in the middle of the night to go to the loo. :D Much too creepy for me.

Hope you get your Mojo back soon. I don't think it will be away for too long.

Big hugs

Jac said...

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend break. Thanks so much for the bling alpha, loved it so much used it tonight on a lo I did using your latest collab kit too. You can take a gander at it here if you like. We are having a busy weekend getting ready to have our kitchen, bathroom and toilet all refitted over the next 3 weeks, looking forward to the end result but not looing forward to the mess and noise! Take care. xx

charlie said...

lol Have a great weekend and by the way dont come to OZ here in the summer when the house temp can get up to 36 on a hot day..was up to 46 outside during the bushfires earlier in the year..i actally love the the cold is not my

Claire said...

Just popping on to say hi! Glad Lily is ok now :)

I'm not a fan of the hot weather either, I've been staying indoors planted in front of a big fan. I can't scrap or it blows my paper away! x

Sasa said...

OO OO Fireplaces in the living room and bedroom!?!?! LOVE IT!!!!! I'm quite the "pyro" myself . . . love the fact that I have a fireplace in my living room. Murphy Cat also loves the fireplace - he gets very excited when he knows I am lighting a fire. He has actually learned that I won't allow him closer than the carpet at the edge of the hearth so he lays down with just his paws on the hearth. What a good kitty!

So glad to hear Lily is doing well - I love how they have such different personalities and attitudes toward life!

Well, take care and stay cool (which is also a challenge here in Michigan where the humidity AND temperatures get so high that you feel like you are swimming through the air!).

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