Sunday, 12 July 2009

New releases at Scrap That Idea

So, I am sure you want to see what the other girls have released this week and you are in for a treat! Firstly is Summer Berries from Stacey. I did this layout a while ago and finally get to show it to you - it features my gorgeous house that I LOVE! Click the preview of the kit to go to the store.

Next is Sara's kit called "Doodlicious" - you'll love it - click to go to store.

And Mel has two kits this week, the first is "Calyspo" - a funky pastel kit (you know my personal feelings about pastel, but it is pretty cute)!

And this one is called "Erin" - it's the first of her CT appreciation kits - this one is really cool. Click to go to the store!


Michelle Simone said...

Beautiful house...and LO, Vicki! All the new kits this week are amazing!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hi sweetheart!!! Your home is, INDEED, gorgeous love!!! I have ALWAYS had a SPECIAL place in my heart for Victorian homes since I was a young girl. Where I grew up, Victorians were commonplace in our downtown area and I use to SWOON every time I'd drive through!!! I had the pleasure of rooming in one of a family friend for a brief time!

You ladies are just the BUSIEST little bees and ALL of your NEW kits are FABULOUS! You are SO good at the teenage goodies and I will not have any more come the 16th! YUP, my babies turn 20!

Enjoy your evening and I wish you a GLORIOUS week ahead - may it be ALL that you wish it to be! MWAH!

Linda :-D

Sasa said...

LOVE the house . . . the LO . . . the kit . . . the colors . . . oh heck - I just love it all!!!

Have a great week, sweetie!

April said...

What a gorgeous house!!! Lucky to have a carpenter hubby too!

sarvan said...

Images are catchy ... nice design :)

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