Thursday, 3 September 2009


Does anyone out there know how to make those mega professional looking blinkies? Mine are always a bit naff IMO compared to some of them out there because I don't have the time (well, actually the patience) to sit and make a really swanky one!! LOL! Take a look at Charlie's Digiscraps blinkie on the left hand side of my blog - that's the kind of thing I am talking about! Here's a question! Would anyone out there be willing to make a blinkie and an ad banner (468x60) for me in exchange for a generous GC for my store? If you would, please drop me an email to vicki (at) scrapthatidea (dot) com. Thank you :D


charlie said...

awe thanks Hun..glad you likey my blinkie :)..hope all is well..catch up soon..mwahhh

Stacey said...

haa I was thinking the same thing!! I totally need one!!!

Damsel said...

I actually LIKE your blinkie a lot! all the movement of the other ones sometimes throws you off and you have look at it for a while before you even know who the blinkie is for.

Susie2shoes said...

I agree with Damsel on this one Vicki. Your blinkie is kind on the eyes, gentle on the eye and we know right away who's blinkie it is. I call all the other manikies. If there are too many flashing items on a page I have to navigate away. I find them irritating and give me a headache. That's my humble opinion, but then again I'm a grumpy old woman Mwah x

Scrappy Bug said...

LOL! You're so funny!!! I think ALL your work is amazing! I don't even know how to make a crappy blinkie!!!!

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