Sunday, 6 September 2009

What's new?

There is some lovely stuff in store today and I have done a layout with each kit - yay me! :)

First is Stacey's 'A Little Fruity' - very cute! (update: sorry, I should have said, this is made using a pencil lines sketch)

Second is Sara's 'One Fine Day' - very easy to scrap with!

Finally is Mel's 'In My Dreams' - very dreamy! TTFN.


Rose said...

Great layouts!! I don't suppose that first one that you did with the "Little Fruity" kit might end up as a template? I love the circle shape!

Vicki said...

Sorry Rose - I used a template, I should have put that in the post - editing now.... ;)

Snowsmoon said...

Great layouts...awesome new kits. Just stopping by to say hello and see how you are doing over across the pond.

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