Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Yet more gorgeous layouts!!

Don't forget to pick up 'Cutie Pie' before the end of today for $3 or you will have to pay $4 to get it ;) A reminder of how it looks...

But let me show you some more gorgeousness using our latest store collab called 'Falling For You' - it's huge and a bargain at just $4. It looks like this.....

And these are the beautiful inspirational layouts! The first is from Cheryl - her son with his girlfriend - what a gorgeous couple they make!

This beauty is from Kim - I do believe she has the most photogenic family in the world! The layout is gorgeous too of course! ;)

And this one is from my dear friend Stacey - who actually also has the most photogenic family in the world - LOL!! I sure am good at picking CT member!! LOL!

And Laramie outdid herself again and gave me three layouts - check out these gorgeous creations....

That's it from me - chat soon!! TTFN.


Stacey said...

Hee hee hee Vicki you are so funny! LOL
love ya girl!! mwah!!

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