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Girly Girl with a freebie!

I always give you a freebie with my new kit and today is no exception, so keep reading for that!!

You all know it was my birthday a week ago and Sara sent me the Twilight book to read as a gift - she thought I should read it as I had been resisting for so long. My worry was that it would take too much of my time and I already work full time and design, so where would I find that time? LOL! Well, as I promised, I read it - it only took about 5-6 hours in total (I do read fast), so I read it in bed over the space of 5 nights! I have to say, I really enjoyed it and have ordered the next book in the series. My problem now is the film! I know that sounds strange, but I have problems with reading books and then seeing films - The DaVinci Code is probably the prime example here - the movie was not a patch on the book. My main problem is that the actor who plays Edward just doesn't fit what I imagine from reading the book (and yes, I did see him before I started reading, so it's a compliment to the author that I could put that to one side). What did you all think? Did the movie disappoint you or did you enjoy it anyway? I need to know if I should avoid it or not!

OK, back to today, I have a new kit in store that I want to show off to you - it's called 'Girly Girl' and really is exactly as you would imagine - GIRLY!! Take a look:

I absolutely adore what my CT have done with this kit and the store CT has also amazed me! Today, you see my CT layouts, tomorrow you see the store CT layouts. I really hope they give you some inspiration and encourage you to buy the kit :).

Now on to the freebie - this is a cluster frame which I hope you can find a use for. Click the image to download. TTFN.


Kirsten said...

I have to say that for me, "Twilight: the movie" went on a much faster pace compared to "Twilight: the book". I understand that they had to cut some of the information out in the sake of keeping the movie less than 4 hours long (it was already just over 2)... and I know the budget for the first movie wasn't even close to what New Moon's budget will be.

I think the characters were cast well. There has been a lot of grumbling about Kristen Stewart and her inability to emote... but I think she was ok. In all honesty, the only character that did not "fit" for me, was Jasper.

I think you would like it. And I definitely think you need to see it before NM comes out next month ;)

Chelle's Creative Team said...
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I had too many typos so Im re-posting:
hmmm, tough call. I adored the books, really hated the movie. To me it was way too gushy and middle school-ish, and felt like edward was about the burst into tears throughout the entire flick. Though I do understand that the books were meant for teens in the first place, some of the movie ended up being comical to me. I actually felt a bit embarrassed to be an adult in the movie theater. That being said, I actually watched the movie twice and enjoyed it once I accepted it for what it was- a fluff film, that just gives you a twilight fix :) I have a feeling new moon will be much more mature though. Either way, now that youve read the books I dont think it can hurt you to see the movie, especially since you can rent it from the anonymity of your home :) thanks for all the fun here!

Scrappy Bug said...


CreativeBusyHands-Scrapbook Freebies Search said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 2 post on Oct. 11, 2009. Thanks again.

Marif said...

I loved the books. I thought they were really well written and therefore could appeal to most people even if they were somewhat intended for a teenage audience.
The movie has the same audience in mind, but if you take it for what it is and don't expect it to be as good as the book (as I don't believe a movie can ever be), it's entertaining and pretty well done. I'd recommend giving it a try!

Amy said...

I really enjoyed the books (and like you I resisted them for a long time) but the movie was horrifically awful. The acting is terrible and very little of the effects come close to what I could envision. I found the same problem with the Da Vinci Code movie, so I wouls say skip it. It's not worth the 2 hours of your time.

craftychic said...

Thank you Vicki :)

.charity. said...

You had me at Pink! And then you said Edward- and I don't remember what you said after that ;)
The kit is just LOVELY! Nice job Vicki. And as far as the movie goes, finish all of the books before you step into the movie realm. You may find that you hate the movie altogether if you were not happy with the Divinci Code- I read that one too before I went to see it.
Happy reading!

Digi Free said...

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Brooke said...

I agree with most of the comments on the movie. I loved the books, in fact I even went to Stephenie Myers' website and read her rough draft of Twilight from Edward's perspective (that was fun). Movies are never as good as the books and I think this was no exception, but it was a fun night out with the girls. My Husband actually liked it better, because Bella didn't hyperventilate like she did so much in the book. He refused to read the rest of the books for that reason... I thought the movie was pretty funny, and laughed more than anything else. So, if you want to watch a fun movie and can separate it from the book, go for it. It doesn't hurt to see a little of James, either :0)

MOTY said...

I read all the books because I'll read just about anything! They are ok in my opinion as long as you keep in mind that they are Juvenile Fiction. The movie however was laughable. I actually laughed out loud in the theater much to the embarassment of my friends who loved the book with a passion. Not only were some of the scenes ridiculous, there was absolutely no Chemistry between Bella and Edward (in my opinion). I feel the same way as you about seeing a movie that is disappointing after reading a great book, but since I don't put the Twilight books on par with other "great books" it wasn't a big deal that the movie was so bad.

Yvette said...

I have read all of the Twilight book. Enjoyed them alot. I the movie was fun to watch but I enjoyed the books more. I will watch the other movies when they come out.

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