Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Well, I only had four entries to my Funky Blue Jeans challenge :(. I am quite disappointed, but as there were 3 prizes in total, I have decided to award all four lovely ladies a prize! The overall winner is Karen M in FL - here are her winning layouts.... the original version using Blue Jeans first:

and here's her re-vamped layout using Funky Blue Jeans - her style has really developed:

Congratulations to Karen! The other entries from doennergaarden, Snowsmoon and jak all win $5 coupons - beautiful layouts ladies - thank you for entering the challenge! Please contact me to claim your prize - vicki (at) scrapthatidea (dot) com. Check back later for the elements to Party Time!!


Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

So excited that I won. I forgot there was even a prize. Will email you in just a bit. What a way to brighten my day.

rags said...

Dont be disappointed in the response, Vicki, I think re-doing layouts is the toughest ask. There's a little bit of our soul in every layout we do ... we remember all the time and effort to make it "just right". But we all change at scrapping as time goes by, so we're scared to redo something in case we lose that moment from years ago. Hope you had a fabulous birthday girl and thanks for the birthday kit x

craftychic said...

Thank you for the kit Vicki :)

Snowsmoon said...

Woo HOO I won Something??? Thank you so Much Vicki. Your challenge was fun. Thank you so much!
Hugs and Kisses

PS Glad you enjoyed your birthday.

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