Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Challenge time!

Have you checked out Rose's challenge on the Scrap That Idea blog? You can win a kit of your choice from my store - all you have to do is a layout using my template 7. Check out the challenge here!

I have been really busy lately, both with work and life! I promise to do some updates soon, plus I believe there may be a freebie collab kit next week :). TTFN.


Rose said...

ooh, I love collabs!! And freebies lol

Marif said...

I agree 100% with Rose!!! Can't wait!
Hope all is well if busy.
And thank you so much for providing a gift for Rose's blog giveaway. I won it (YAY), hurried to the store to get Trick or Treat, and uploaded my entry to her blog challenge with it in the STI gallery!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

HELLLLLLLOOOOOOO Vicki!!! I'm just certain that you can hear me shouting to you across the pond love!

Gosh, I surely KNOW what you mean by busy sweetie - every time I think I'm getting to sit down and start designing again, something comes along to distract me and before I know it, another week has past! ROFL!

I SO love this time of the year and DO hope to be out and about Scrapland a wee bit and not such a stranger. I miss you OODLES and we shall have to have a chat one of these days LOVELY lady!!!

Please give my love to Lily and Pompey, kisses too and a BIG squishy hug for yourself!

Oh, before I forget, I must share with you, since you used to design for Scrap 'N Art, that I won a year's subscription to their e-zine whilst on Twitter over the DSD weekend! WOOT! I've not won anything for what seems like ages and I just LOVE browsing through magazines!

Take care love and I shall see you soon! MWAH!

Lots of LOVE,
Linda XOXO

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Vivki you are the best!

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