Saturday, 21 November 2009

Hook me up with some great books please!

OK, I am compiling my christmas list and need to get a few books to read! What do you all recommend? Just so that you know what I like, recently I have read 'The Time Traveler's Wife", "Angels and Demons", and all the Twilight books :) - I loved all of them! I used to love Stephen King when I was younger, but they scare me too much now - LOL, so no scary stuff please :D. I want to know what's good - old or new so that I can beef this list up a bit - my family are always saying I don't give them enough ideas for presents! Thanks - can't wait to hear from you!


Linda Fulghum said...

An absolutely wonderful book is Replay by Ken Grimwood. I have given this book to many friends and all have loved it! If you liked the movie Groundhog Day, Replay's story of a man who relives his life over and over is a more serious view. Very entertaining and thought provoking.

Vicki said...

Thanks Linda - it looks great and is now on my wish list at amazon - gotta love amazon!!

Michelle said...

Anything by Jodi Picoult are heart wrenching and make you thing "My sister's Keeper" is one of her best.

If you are looking for something funny the "Stephanie Plum" series By Janet Evonavich- HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

"Bitter is the New Black" by Jen Lancaster (or anything by her as well) Hilarious as well.

"Water for Elephants" by: Sara Gruen

"The Other Boylen Girl" by: Philippa Gregory or the "Constant Princess"

If you are looking for tons I have a list of over 100 books that my SIL sent to me... you can contact me at

Yvette said...

I just finished Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol". I think it is better then "The Da Vinci Code" and "Angle And Demons"

Sarah said...

wanted to say ditto on the Philippa Gregory and Jodi Picoult, love both of their books. Can also add to that list anything by Nicholas Sparks.
For a comedy I reccomend Christopher Moore. All of his books are stand alones, but characters cross over and show up in random other books.

EBPitcher said...

I really have enjoyed the Mary Russell series by Laurie R. King. These books suppose that Sherlock Holmes met his feminine equal, tutored her, and eventually married her. Quite well written and entertaining.

Coordination Queen said...

I recently read The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare and really enjoyed them.

Dream Big Designs said...

Every lady in my neighbourhood is obsessed with "The Hunger Games". They are next on my books to read. I guess they are coming out with the movies later. Also, the Warrior Heir, Wizard Heir and Dragon Heir. Those were awesome!!! Some others are:
Percy Jackson and the Olympians (another soon to be movie)
Ranger's Apprentice Series
Septimus Heap Series
and Fablehaven Series
You should join the web site Goodreads, it really helps to know what is new out and popular!
Happy Reading!
Happy Reading!

LadyPatsFan said...

I love Jasper Fforde. I've read all his "Thursday Next" series, and I'm on the second "Nursery Crimes" book now. They are so fun.

Jill said...

Someone just suggested to me the Evermore Series by Alyson Noel they sound interesting.

Marif said...

Here's a couple of suggestions from me:
- The lost symbol (Dan Brown's latest Robert Langdon story)
- Anything by Christopher Moore (he's hilarious in a strange way, I love it)
- The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy (Douglas Adams 5-book-series with another strange but great humour)
- the shopaholic series (or any of the other Sophie Kinsella books)
- and most importantly if you haven't already read them, the Harry Potter series (JK Rowling, my all-time-favourite book)

Hope you find some ideas, I love reading too, so happy reading!

Gina said...

like the OP, Dan Brown has out the latest one called the Lost Symbol. I am reading it right now and really like it. I have been reading Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels too... it's what the show True Blood is based on.

Jamie VanBeekum said...

Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is a fun, quick, easy read. It starts with The Lightning Thief - 5 books in total. My boys love them too!

Cheryl said...

I just finished the entire 7 book series of Anne of Green Gables. I really enjoyed them all.

Also try "The Host" by "Twilight"'s Stephenie Meyer. I like the storyline better than (gasp!) "Twilight".

If you like Jane Austen, you might enjoy the controversial "Pride & Prejudice & Zombies." I got a good laugh out of it, having read P&P about 10 times.

Rose said...

I see someone beat me to recommeding Jodi Picoult, but I'll second that!! I love all her books, I really thought "The Tenth Circle" was fantastic, it had so many levels, that while I could understand it while reading, I can't describe it after. I find her books really thought provoking.

modCreative said...

I enjoyed The Shadows of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, and his new book called The Angel's game is intriguing. Oh, and the Book Thief is one of my favorite.

Michele said...

My all time favorite author is Richard Paul Evans. I love his books and have all of them. My DH KNOWS (and so do a few other people--hence why I got duplicate copies last year-lol) that when his new book comes out each fall they better be getting it for me! lol

NanaScraps said...

if you haven't read the twilight series yet you should it is fast reading and very charming..there are 4 books to the set...also anything by Patricia Cromwell or John Grisham.. I have read everything by Steven King...I think he is awesome...

Anonymous said...

LOVED The poisonwood bible by Barbara Kingslover. Amazing character development

second the hunger games. along those lines, and quick read, the giver, by lois lowry. - young adult book

LOVED kite runner and thousand splendid suns.

Anonymous said...

Margaret Peterson Haddix - she writes all kinds of novels. Historical fiction, sort of, to fairy tale tpye books, science fiction, and more - a MUST read author.
-- An avid reader

Jackie said...

I know someone already mentioned her, but my favorite author is Sophie Kinsella! She writes the Shopaholic series, and some other stand alones. They are really cute & funny light reads. I have never met a Sophie Kinsella book I didn't like, and I think I have all of them (except her new one...still in hardcover)

I also LOVE the Harry Potter books. I've read each of them at least 3 times. They are my go-to books when I have nothing else to read.

I love to read, and could go on and on :) If you want more ideas, you can email me: jackie at jacabean dot com

Jackie said...

Ohhh...I forgot to add, I get these monthly book newsletters from my hometown library. You can sign-up by genre and they recommend about 10 books a month with a synopsis for each. I love the newsletters, and am always adding to my reading list with them. I don't think you have to be a member of the library to sign-up if I remember correctly (I don't live there anymore, and I signed-up). Either way, here is the sign-up page:

There is also links to the last 10 newsletters for each genre. If you've got some time, check it out :)

Patrice Clynes said...

If you're on facebook I have a virutal bookshelf. Some of the books I've read this year are:

Still Alice
Water for Elephants
The Middle Place
The Secret Life of Bees


Karla said...

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder (there are 3 books in that series and she just started a new spin-off series.

The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner (3 books in the series with The Thief being the first book)....there are twists you don't expect.

Sandy B said...

For anyone who likes Christian fiction I recommend Terri Blackstock. I have read most of her different series but I especially liked the Cape Refuge series and the Restoration series. They have been out for a few years.

Rachel said...

I guess it depends on what you like to read.

For me I guess my 3 favorite authors are Michael Connelly (he wrote the book they based the movie Trunk Music on), James Patterson (Alex Cross series is awesome!), and John Lescroart (Dismas Hardy books)

I also like Iris Johansen's books as well.

Anonymous said...

Try Anne Rice she wrote a series of Vampire books.She also did a series on Witches.. I think shes a really good author here is her website
I read pretty much all types of books. I also love Dean Koontz his Odd Thomas books are not scary at all. James Patterson ( the womens murder club books)

Anonymous said...

"The Shack" by William P. Young was a fascinating read for me and ALL the ladies I work with. Definitely worth the read. You won't forget this after reading it. Very thought provoking and comforting.

teaching_texas said...

If you love to laugh, read the Janet Evanovich series. Her heroine is a bounty hunter from New Jersey. There are 15 books in the Stephanie Plum series, starting with "One for the Money". When I read these books in bed at night, I have to cover my mouth with a pillow to keep my laughing from waking up my husband. Try them, you'll like them!

Sharon from Texas

teaching_texas said...

Oh, I have to add Nicholas Sparks. He wrote "The Notebook" and many others. You can't go wrong with his books. They are tender and endearing. They will touch your heartstrings. Any of his books are amazing. I am always amazed that he can write like a touch with his feminine side! LOL

Nikkie's Journal said...

Have you signed up for the WeRead application on Facebook? You can rate and write reviews of books you've read and read other people's ratings and reviews - especially your friends choices. It also allows you to keep track of books you've read, want to read, and are reading. You can "chuck" a book you've liked at your friends. I find it very useful when looking for my next read. Even more so as I become familiar with which friends have similar tastes in literature as I do.

Denise said...

Vicki, The Anne Rice 'Vampire Chronicles' are great...more romantic than scary. Interview with the Vampire is much better as a book than it was a movie.

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