Tuesday, 12 January 2010

New stuff and Pompey update

Thanks everyone so much for your well wishes for Pompey. He is still feeling quite sorry for himself which is made worse by the fact that we have to put a plastic bag over his foot every time he wants to go into the garden! He is decidedly unimpressed by that!

OK, so I had a few comments which I am going to mention. DoggiNO pointed out that Pompey's bandage co-ordinates with my Jack Frost kit!! LOL! I didn't notice before, but I will have to scrap that photo with the kit - watch this space. Gina wondered how I keep the bandage on - he honestly hasn't tried to chew it at all. This was probably mostly because he was so dopey last night from the sedative - things may change today as he livens up a bit! And Jenny asked how I keep his coat so shiny. Well, I am not really sure as I don't do anything special. However, someone once told me that giving dogs a little bit of tea can help and I already do that, so maybe that's the reason - he has the dregs of my tea most mornings. Also, he is the most spoilt dog in the world and so has zero stress to deal with!! LOL!

Finally, Pompey sends hugs back to Roman, Rex the rat and Murphy the cat who feels his pain :).

Now, I will tell you about what's new around scrapland.... Stacey and Mel have a freebie collab called "Living Life and Loving It" - check out their blogs for that - here's my layout and both previews are clickable.

And Stacey has a new kit in store, it's the next in her alphabet series - "L is for Let's Go Sledding". Check out my layout and the preview which is clickable to store. TTFN.


LouCeeCreations said...

Roman is so excited he got a hug back lol!

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